Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ding Dong off the pole!

A rarity that I have never seen in baseball occurred and it boosted the Pittsburgh Pirates to a runaway 11-2 victory over the visiting Houston Astros.
Garrett Jones (11) and Neil Walker (4) each bumpered pinball style homers off the right field pole in back to back at bats in the fourth inning to pace the Pirates to the win.
James McDonald moved to 8-3 with an outing of seven innings to earn the W.
Same two teams tomorrow night at PNC Park.

Pirate Hooks

1) I have never seen back to back homers off the same foul pole (or opposites for that matter) in the same game,let alone consecutive at bats.
I am sure that it might have happened before,but I had never seen or heard from it...

2) James McDonald struggled with control early with three first inning walks,but survived the inning with just one run allowed.
The maturation of McDonald showed right there as last season,McDonald would have allowed three runs and sent the Pirates into a large deficit early in the game...

3) Nine extra base hits for the Pirates.
Between the two homers and triples by Alex Presley and Drew Sutton,the Pirates must have a sizable OPS for the evening!

4) Andrew McCutchen returned to the lineup after missing Sunday's game with a sprained wrist.
It must have hurt his timing as Cutch only had four hits on the evening!

5) Four hits for Garrett Jones and four RBI as Jones continued his recent hot streak.
Jones even got a single off a lefthander for the first time since Moses parted the Red Sea,,,,

Photo Credit:Peter Diana-Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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