Friday, July 20, 2012

Cleaning out the inbox

The inbox is full,so it is time to clean it out a bit....

Two goodbyes to start things off with.

Goodbye to Don Grady of My Three Sons fame at the age of 68 due to cancer.
Grady was best known as Robbie Douglas,the middle son of the original show and the oldest son of the years after oldest son Mike left the show and was never mentioned again.
Grady also had a minor music hit during the run of the show.

Jimmy Bivins,the only man ever to hold the number one contender ranking simultaneously as a light heavyweight and a heavyweight and not have a title shot at either champion passed in Cleveland at the age of 92.
Bivins was ducked by Joe Louis and finally got his shot at Louis in 1951 after Louis had lost his title with Louis winning a split decision.

Bill Simmons "the sports guy" might not be everyone's cup of tea,but I always look forward to his NBA draft recap that covers his evening with his dad or buddies etc watching the draft.
Always funny and makes me think of the years that Ryan and I watched the NFL and NBA drafts as we shared a great evening together during this years NBA draft....

Former Cleveland writer Brian Windhorst,who now covers the Miami Heat was embedded with the Cavaliers for their draft night.
A very interesting read ensued with some insight on just how the Cavaliers found themselves selecting Dion Waiters and trading for Tyler Zeller....

Remember the uproar over the Pirates not landing Dominican star (and now hot prospect) Miguel Sano?
A new film  "Ballplayer Pelotero" takes the cover off Dominican baseball signings with the Sano debacle being the focal point of the film.
The documentary looks to be very interesting with Pirates scout Rene Gayo figuring prominently in the main storyline around Sano.....

Finally we wrap up with this note from Battlin' Bob,who sends this on the now retired Kerry Wood,who says he heard something pop in his elbow in his 20 K game as a Cub.
Wood went through some high pitch counts as a young pitcher and some blame that for a career that was not what it could have been....

We have reduced the inbox and not emptied it,so we will be back soon with the remainder of the cleaning!

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