Thursday, July 5, 2012

First place?

After a come from behind win on Tuesday on a Drew Sutton homer,the Pittsburgh Pirates continued their run to first place with a holiday win over the Houston Astros for their third win in a row over the lowly Texans.
Pittsburgh goes for the sweep today in the series finale'.

Pirate Hooks

1) I am not going to cover both wins,but instead will focus on a few things of the first place Pirates and what they may need to do or in some cases not...

2) Can the Pirates keep this up?
I still think they need to add a bat to be a true contender,but the NL Central is there to be won.
The big question is this-Do you go all in for one playoff spot? Or try for a role player that may not make a large impact,but will cost far less?
That is the question to ask....

3) The Pirates finally used the final weapon to give Jose Tabata his needed wakeup call as he was sent down to Indianapolis.
Tabata's lackluster play and effort had seen his benching,criticized in the press and threatened before the final indignity-AAA.
It's too bad that Tabata has been such a disappointment since his contract extension,the Pirates could use him if he gets his head on straight...

4) Tabata's replacement is glove first outfielder Gorkys Hernandez.
It is too bad that Hernandez has not developed as a hitter as his glove truly is top notch.
The range and hands are tremendous,but the bat has been a liablility thus far...

5) Alex Presley suffered a head injury when diving for a ball in the win on Monday.
Presley may be placed on the new 7 day DL for concussion related injuries.
The replacement looks to be Jordy Mercer,who was in Pittsburgh on Wednesday,but not activated...

6) Look for next weeks article on who and what the Pirates could move,if they want to make a splash in an attempt to win the NL Central.
I think they could improve the team without dealing the top two or maybe three prospects in the system,see what you think next week...

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