Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bullpen Notes

Those of you that are long time readers (or if you cared enough to go back through the archives to the early years) might remember bullpen notes.
Bullpen Notes were a smaller daily version of Cleaning out the inbox that was usually located below the daily recap of the game review.

I miss daily recaps (funny from the guy that has done almost no Devils and Cavaliers coverage this winter),but I wanted to bring back bullpen notes as a way to catch people up with the latest plans for the TRS family and other things to hit the mind...

Off the stick-we landed a GREAT guest for the podcast over the weekend!
I'm not going to announce the name yet,but if you are a golfer or a golf fan-I'd bet you have heard of this person.
The interview will be Sunday night and upload either Sunday or Monday.
I'm very excited for this one!

I'm also trying to learn some more on the PC as I'm attempting (small steps) to learn how to upload the podcast to YouTube and ITunes.
The exposure that the podcast (and blog trickledown) would gain from those two spots would be a large benefit to the podcast....
If anyone knows how to do such things and wants to spend the time to teach me-LMK!

I'll also have a second podcast on Sunday as I'll be visiting the sponsor to do one with Steve Brandenburg for open discussion on sports,the baseball card hobby and likely some political talk as well.
That episode will likely be uploaded in the middle of next week.

Another podcast before winter's end will be the long awaited USFL show on the late and lamented United State Football League.
Jeff Pearlman of the New York Times has agreed to guest on the show.
Jeff is currently working on a book on the league and I cannot wait to read that one!

I enjoyed watching the Iowa Caucus coverage last night.
We might be the only family that had a small food party for the Iowa caucus instead of the Super Bowl!
I watch CNN's coverage.mainly because I prefer their pundits to those of Fox,despite me being a fan of Megyn Kelly of Fox.

Judging by the stats,Blog readership was up an astonishing 23 percent in January!
If you have been Facebook sharing and/or Retweeting on Twitter-we thank you!!

Working on two of my favorite pieces for 2016 as we will do "If I ran a network",which looks at who I would hire as a program director with unlimited funds and "the Zabbies" for boxers that need to move that I'm tired of seeing.
Both are a lot of fun to write...

63 or 64 days from my first game in 2016.
All depends on the team accepting my pass for Opening Day.
The teams in minor league baseball are not obligated to do so and I'm just not up to fighting over it,if it's a big deal....

Hope you enjoyed this and thanks to all of you for reading and listening!!!

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