Friday, February 19, 2016

Where have You been?

So...Was I missed?

I took almost a week off,although it wasn't planned that way.
It's been a slow news week with not as much to write about and I was in the middle of taking care of various run of the mill issues that we all deal with in day to day life.

Trips to the parents,oil changes,dealing with my friends at Strat O Matic and Posey's trip to the dog groomers all added up to a busy week.
Take that with the slow news week and I've been less than motivated.
I have a podcast planned for the weekend and the Browns cut two players yesterday,so things are getting better as far as topics go....

On the workfront,I'm still working lots of overtime and trying to plan the summer for time off.
I'm sure I'll do some sort of week in August,I have an Ohio trip in late May,a Bowling Green football game in September and Ryan's wedding in October,so the work off requests are flying...

In any event,I'm hoping to have more ideas.
As we near our 9th anniversary,on occasion,I just don't have much to say.
That is usually a short term issue and usually after some downtime,the ideas come flying...

Back later....

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