Monday, February 22, 2016

Endorsements? ENDORSEMENTS???

Some of you will remember way back in the infancy of this blog,we endorsed political candidates for Presidents and if you remember that,you'll remember that we didn't choose the winner.

Well,I decided to stay out of that business for 2012 and I am tempted to do so again for this,but what would this be if I didn't walk out on the ledge.
However,I'm not totally enthralled with any of them,so here is my endorsement-If you are a Democrat-Anyone but Hillary Clinton.
If you prefer the GOP-Anyone but Donald Trump..

Hillary Clinton carries so much baggage that it wouldn't surprise me that she didn't even make it to the election and would spend a term waiting for a shoe to drop on her various problems.
Donald Trump has spent an election with behavior that would sink any normal candidate and in my opinion does not have the temperament to be President.
Hillary Clinton at least offers some specifics (as erroneous as most of her plans are),which is more than I can say for Donald Trump,who says he'll have Mexico build a wall and the best he has to offer otherwise is that whatever he does will be  "Great" or "the best" without any specific plans that would pay for it or make it work.

That leads us to the other candidates.
Hillary Clinton's only viable opponent is Bernie Sanders.
Sanders,who seems to be a good and genuine man, means well,but I'm not sure that this country is ready to invest more money in government and elect someone that calls himself a "Democratic Socialist",which is different than an actual Socialist.
Keep in mind that Socialism is a term that 100 years ago that was applied to Eugene V.Debs for such radical thinking as Social Security and Health Care,so I'm not saying that as an epithet,but at this particular time isn't really suited to curing the overt problems of government waste and ill fitting programs.

On the GOP side,Ted Cruz offers a similar problem as Donald Trump-being so disliked that you cannot get members of your party to work with you,so we have another term of government grinding to a halt.
John Kasich seems to be the most reasonable of the candidates and the most experienced,which in typically American fashion almost disqualifies him from the start.
Marco Rubio has moved from being a Tea Party style radical to being middle of the road when you stand him beside Trump and Cruz,while Ben Carson seems to be beyond overmatched and seems to be more concerned with positioning himself to be a conservative author than a serious candidate for the office....

In the end,a bunch of guys that offer more questions than answers and therefore our endorsement above...

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