Friday, February 5, 2016

On the signing front

The signing front returns as I continue to attempt to have it all completed by the beginning of the season.
I may miss the most important cards (top 100's) because I put those away as soon as I get them.
Please don't think I forgot about them as far as importance!!

Two final stops in Harrisburg fell through the cracks from the last signing front as we made trips to see Richmond and then Akron.
Richmond's additions were Joe Biagini (who always seemed to pitch when I saw them) and a 2015 Augusta Matthew Gage,while Akron's big pickup was Nick Maronde on a 2012 Heritage along with Bobby Ison on a Lake County from 2015...

Thanks to Ed Loyd for sending me a 1990 Score for the set of one of my all time closers in Lee Smith.
Lee Smith deserves to be in the hall as much as any other closer of the last 40 years and needs to be inducted!

Thanks to Mike Oravec for an autographed card of my favorite player as a child in Toby Harrah,
Mike found Toby's rookie signed (1972 Topps) at the Maugansville Card Show and picked up for me!

Thanks to Brett Shaw for his help in Altoona.
Brett got Nick Williams and J.P Crawford to sign the cards that I missed (Story in last signing front) and did the Altoona team set for me since they were finished in Harrisburg early,,,,

Thanks to Corey White for all of his Southern league help this season.
Corey did the Tennessee Smokies team set  with prospects Billy McKinney,Albert Almora and Carl (formerly C.J.) Edwards among them.
Corey went to see the Cubs in Cincinnati and got me Edwards there.
Corey also got me so many cards throughout the season and the cards for the top 100 were so great including the top prospect in the game in Byron Buxton.
I cannot thank him enough for his help!

Steve Nicholas in Indianapolis helped me with an Indianapolis team set with some other top 100's over the year and a very cool Bowman chrome of Cleveland prospect James Ramsey.
His help with the AAA International League has been a godsend in getting things signed that would have otherwise never been signed...

The pile is beginning to dwindle,so it's looking good to maybe be finished before the start of 2016!!

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