Saturday, July 16, 2016

Cavaliers sign Birdman,trade Kaun

The Cleveland Cavaliers broke the news on a rumored issue as the team signed the well-traveled and well tattooed Chris "The Birdman" Andersen to the veteran's minimum contract.
The 38 year old Andersen brings a hustling,high energy style to Cleveland that if the team is able to keep his minutes low,should be able to be helpful off the bench.
Andersen played in 27 games last season in a term split between Miami and Memphis,but does the have the approval of LeBron James,who was a booster of the team acquiring Andersen after being teammates with him in his Miami years.
Anderson averaged a little under four points and four rebounds per game last season.

Cleveland needed to make a little cap room in order to corral the Birdman,so Cleveland added a trade exception with the trade of Sasha Kaun to the Sixers in return for the rights to another European player that you'll never see play.
Chukwudiebere Maduabum is the name and he's another name that gets swapped around the league in order to make trades like this done.
Philadelphia is expected to release Kaun quickly and the cash considerations were enough to get Philadelphia to help out the cap strapped Cavaliers.
Kaun averaged less than a point a game in 25 garbage time appearances,but don't feel too sorry for Kaun,who earned a million and a half dollars and a championship ring for his one year of bench time in Cleveland.....

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