Friday, July 1, 2016

Cleaning out the inbox-Non-Sports Edition

The non-sports edition of the inbox features quite a few interesting notes...

Buzzfeed looks at the comet-like career of acerbic musical comedian Tom Lehrer.
The now 86 (or 88 depending on your source) year old Lehrer isn't quite a recluse,but he also isn't in the public eye and hasn't been so very often over the last 50 or so years.
One thing that I didn't know about Lehrer is that he briefly wrote for the PBS show The Electric Company in the 1970's,which was such a staple of school children during that time.
Lehrer's "It makes a fellow proud to be a soldier" was parodied in Ball Four as "Makes a fellow proud to be an Astro"
John Edwards may drink too much and call some long home runs,indeed...
If you've never heard of Lehrer-check out his work on YouTube-think of Mark Russell crossed with Weird Al Yankovic,If you are twisted,like me,I think you'll love it...

Joe Plum sends us this interesting note from Noisey on the wave that was Morrissey and his fans takeover of the most traditional of Hollywood's kingmaker-the Johnny Carson version of the Tonight Show.
I never saw this (As readers should know,I was a Letterman guy),but it looked like one interesting night as the Morrissey fans basically took over the show and made Carson and Bill Cosby range from angry to uncomfortable!.
Ryan's favorite all time musical act is Morrissey,so I'm sure he found this to be quite funny!

Krista Anderson offers a rare local note that caught my eye as one of our newer parks (Kiwanis Park) is going to be a sanctuary for the Monarch Butterfly,which is seeing its numbers decrease in the Eastern U.S.
I've often talked of setting up some milkweed (the Monarchs preferred food and egg laying site) here,but I never seem to find the plants,although I do faintly remember getting some seeds that must have either gone away or failed to take!

This is a sports note,yet it isn't as UniWatch finds the man responsible for designing a logo that has followed an NBA team through four cities,a name change,multiple colors and now has returned to close to the original design.
Check it out as Robert Grove is found and answers questions about the logo,how it came to be,how much he was paid for it and why he never did another logo....

You all know how much I rave about Strat O Matic baseball,but I never played their football game,which is reported to be a tremendous head to head game.'s Marc Sessler writes about the game and what it takes to be a good SOM football player.
It also discusses how SOM football was different than fantasy football and the recent Madden video game versions.
Good Stuff.

Boston,com sends word of the sunken wreck of the Italian luxury liner Andrea Doria is in worse shape than expected with the bow of the vessel nearly broken off.
The Doria,which was famously hit by the Swedish ship Stockholm,killing 46 and sunk eleven hours later in 1956,lies 50 miles off the American coast.
The ship is over 240 feet under water and has claimed the lives of 16 visitors to its site.

The Presidential History Blog posts about the death of President Warren Harding.
Harding,who has had his death surrounded by controversy and by conspiracy theorists throughout the years,died of a heart attack in San Francisco in 1923.
This article briefly touches on the conspiracy types,but focuses more on Harding's wife and doctor along with Harding's ailments...

We wrap up with the return of the river herring to the Wynants Kill tributary as the city of Troy,New York has removed a lock to open the Hudson River to various fish that could not reach their natural spawning areas due to the various man-made obstacles from the early 20th century.
The herring quickly returned to the area after an 85 year absence once the lock was popped and as other cities along the river continue to remove these obsolete blockades,more and more native fish will spread across the area.
Stories like this just make sense in an easy effort to revitalize both species and the environment.

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