Friday, July 8, 2016

Road Trip=Heading home

The trip wrapped up on its final day with a little time killing needed.

I wanted to take Ryan to Pickle Bill's,which was the seafood place that you might remember that Cherie and I went to last August when we went to Northeast Ohio.

In order to wait for Pickle Bill's to open,we had to wait until one o'clock and we wanted to be there when it opened as we expected it to fill quickly as it was Father's Day.
So,we were able to take a leisurely trip across the state to get to Pickle Bill's,but we were able to see the Cleveland skyline from the road.
From a distance,if you looked quickly and closely,you could see the area around the Quicken Loans Arena area beginning to fill up for the television watching party as this was the day of game seven of the NBA finals.
It would have been so neat to have driven by when it was completely filled!

When we arrived a little early at Pickle Bill's (after struggling to find a place to walk around ),we waited outside by the Cuyahoga River until it opened.
Ryan and I swapped lots of basketball talk,which was the type of thing that I hoped would still be there for us.
I've written before that the top thing that I missed about Ryan being gone was those times of just sitting around swapping sports talk and those late night baseball games from the west coast.
When Pickle Bill's opened,we were seated quickly and the line we were in lengthened before we were officially in to eat!
It was a smart move to get there early as when we left at two,the place was packed with people waiting for a table!

Ryan and I had the all you can eat Perch and Walleye and we each had some of the other (shhh) and it was as tasty as I remembered!
I still want to try the rival across the stone drive in Brennan's seafood house sometime,but sometimes you don't want to get into a spot of losing the known quantity when you so rarely get to go!

We worked our way home as we wouldn't be hungry for the rest of the day,only stopping for the standard drinks,breaks etc,but as we neared the Pennsylvania Turnpike.I could see where the vacation had started-Oakmont.
We crossed under the bridge and heard a huge roar and I looked and saw the 18th hole grandstand standing in cheering,so Ryan and I knew something big had happened as the final round of the U.S.Open was in progress!

The trip was over and I missed the few minutes of game seven,so we made it in time for most of the game.
I'm not sure if I'll ever get to make a trip with Ryan again,but it was exactly what I was hoping for-One last fun trip with my son.
It meant a lot and even if I never get to make another one-I still have this one in the memory bank.

Coming soon will be the Buddy Ryan tribute,boxing ratings and maybe,just maybe a podcast...

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