Thursday, July 7, 2016

Cavaliers trade for Mike Dunleavy

The Cleveland Cavaliers were in a position to profit from someone's cap problems and they may done so with the addition of Mike Dunleavy Jr from the Chicago Bulls in a trade late Wednesday night.

Chicago needed to clear cap space in order to sign Dwyane Wade and Dunleavy,a long-time favorite of LeBron James,was an easy savings for the Bulls cap.
Cleveland,who is so limited in cap space was able to use part of it's trade exception from the trade of Anderson Varejao to be able to squeeze in Dunleavy and his 4.8 million contract for 2016-17.

Dunleavy played in just 31 games last season,having been hampered with back problems and there is no guarantee that the soon to be 36 year old will return to form,but I'm willing to guess that he'll be able to shoot his way back.
Much like in boxing,where the last thing that goes is punching power,in basketball,a standup shooter can knock shots down for years-even when their other talents have gone away.
Why else do you believe that teams are chasing a 41 (by seasons start) year old Ray Allen that has been out of the game for two years?
Because in the right situation-Ray Allen can still shoot and if Mike Dunleavy can move a little bit-he'll be able to shoot it.

Dunleavy is known to be a solid passer and of course possessing the skill to drain the three as he hits 37 percent of his shots from beyond the line for his career.
Adding that you can get away with playing (how much depends on other situations) Dunleavy at three different positions and it is a good fit for both parties.
It's funny because just yesterday on a trip to Harrisburg,Derreck Chupak and I were discussing the type of player that the Cavaliers could use to surround LeBron James with to help off the bench and the names that were mentioned were similar to Dunleavy (although his name didn't come up) J.J. Redick,Kyle Korver,Doug McDermott etc-shooters to take advantage of when James drives and kicks the ball out.
Dunleavy (if healthy) has the capability to do that.

Cleveland will also retain Richard Jefferson,who decided to change his mind from a decision to retire and signed a two year contract.
No word on what the Cavaliers will be paying Jefferson over the term of the contract.

Also no word on what the Cavaliers will be sending to the Bulls for Dunleavy,although the Cleveland Plain Dealer says that it will not be any draft picks and will likely be the rights to an overseas player,although it will not be their prized youngster Cedi Osman from Turkey.

Back injuries are tricky problems and it's not a sure thing that the Cavaliers will get anything out of Mike Dunleavy,but if he is able to play-Mike Dunleavy is exactly the type of situational shooter that this team needs.

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