Friday, July 22, 2016

Cleaning out the inbox

Time for an inbox cleaning before things start to build up too much.

We start with the passing of Nate Thurmond,who as a basketball hall of famer is best known as a Golden State Warrior,but will always be a Cavalier to me.
Thurmond was acquired in the middle of the Miracle of Richfield season and gave that team a lacking frontcourt veteran presence that they lacked.
Thurmond only played a year and a half for Cleveland before retiring,but his number was still retired by the team (For as highly as I thought of Thurmond,I still believe World B.Free was more deserving of a number retirement) after his tenure.
Thurmond was more of rebounder/shot blocker than a pure scorer and spent most of his career as the third best big man in basketball,first behind Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain,then behind Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and finally behind Abdul-Jabbar and Bob Lanier.
The hall of famer died of leukemia at the age of 74.

I've written in the past about the greatest pro football writer ever in my opinion in Paul Zimmerman.
I even put Zimmerman in the Forgotten Superstars segment (now that I mention it,isn't it time for another installment of Forgotten Superstars?) and his work is sorely missed.
Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback spent a whole week looking at the work of Dr.Z and his unfinished memoir.
The best part for me was Dr Z's all-time NFL team and lots of interesting things to read from the link...

Peter King also writes in MMQ about Donald Trump and his involvement in the United States Football League.
Trump,who has been sited for the ridiculous decision for the league to invade the fall to challenge the NFL,which was responsible for the league's eventual demise,owned the New Jersey Generals and the story deals with some of the stories with Trump's ownership of the team.
The story with Trump pushing his way to the end of the league is the first and arguably major reason of my dislike for the Republican nominee for President....

We finish with Style Blueprint's interview with TRS long time favorite Christi Paul.
Those of you familiar with the Pigskin Picking Machine will likely remember Christi as the face of the PPM in 2015.
Who will be this years face?
Stay tuned for more!

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