Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Erik Arnesen Interview-Part 1

Here is the first installment of the latest interview that we have been able do with Nationals prospect Erik Arnesen.
Thanks to Erik for taking the time out to do this for us.

Thoughts of RS: Last that we talked to you,you were coming off a season that saw you return to Hagerstown for a second year.
Now two years later,you have spent time at AA Harrisburg and have begun to to arrive on the "prospect" radar.
Tell me a bit about the perseverance that you showed in moving from a long man in low A baseball to a prospect level hurler...

Erik Arnesen: I learned a lot in my time in Hagerstown, both from the staff and my teammates. Paul Menhart taught me a lot; he worked with me on my mechanics in my first stint in Hagerstown. My second year in Hagerstown we worked more on pitches and learning hitters. Overall, my time in Hagerstown really shaped the pitcher I am now.

TRS: Most observers believe that the largest leap in baseball is from High A to AA,do you believe that this is true and why.

EA: It's hard to say if the biggest leap is from High A to AA because AA is where I am now. The quality of players definitely improves with every level, but I thought the moves from low A to high A and then high A to AA were significant.

TRS:Tell me a bit about the differences in your approach in dealing with the advanced hitters in Harrisburg compared to Hagerstown and Potomac.

EA:My approach toward the hitters in AA was pretty similar to the approach I had with hitters in A ball. There are a few more hitters that can really hurt you if you give them the chance in AA, but overall I was able to throw my game and have success.

TRS:Were you surprised that the organization began to transition you to a starter from the bullpen?

EA: I've bounced back and forth from the rotation to the bullpen throughout my career, so it didn't really come as a surprise when I was put in the rotation.

TRS: Do you relish being in the rotation or does it really not matter to you whether you are starting or relieving?

EA: I enjoy the routine of starting, but I am not at all opposed to pitching out of the bullpen. I want to win, and however I can help the team do that is where I want to play.

TRS: What role did Randy Tomlin Pitching Coach) have in your development?

EA:I first worked with Randy in Potomac and he helped me a lot with my splitter grip. It was a relatively new pitch for me at the time, and his work with me really made it a consistent and effective part of my repertoire. He was just as helpful in AA, working with me to make sure I kept doing the things that were allowing me to throw my game and be effective for the team. I greatly appreciate Randy’s work with me both on and off the field, and I am looking forward to working with him in spring training.

Part 2 of 4 coming soon.

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Mike said...

Great work Shawn!! Glad to see Erik has progressed so far..Here's hoping for bigger and better things for him

Shawn said...

It is always nice to see a good guy succeed like Erik and hopefully we will see him with Washington sometime this season...