Saturday, April 29, 2017

2017 Draft-Cleveland Browns Day Two

Day two for the Cleveland Browns saw them shoot for the moon in round two and play it safe in the third round as the Browns added two new players in the NFL Draft on its middle day.

Early on in the draft process,there were some that drooled over the tools of Deshone Kizer of Notre Dame and some even had Kizer rated as the top quarterback prospect available and certainly a first round pick.
However as time moved on,Kizer began to fall down boards as questions about Notre Dame's losing record,lots of interceptions and a perceived lack of 4th quarter success began to cause a slide.

Cleveland had traded their pick in the second round to Green Bay in the deal that landed David Njoku,so their pick was the pick that was added from Tennessee in a 2016 draft day swap.
Deshone Kizer might be a steal as the quarterback that might have the best arm in the draft (Patrick Mahomes might differ) and he has the physical tools and skills that remind some of Steve McNair.
Here's the problem,Kizer is the youngest quarterback in the draft,has issues with accuracy and has been accused of having issues in seeing the field with the results being interceptions and throws that make you wonder.
Dane Brugler tweeted that everything that he wanted from a quarterback is on the tape of Kizer,but there just isn't consistency.
Now,I've noted that I wasn't thrilled with the quarterbacks in this draft,but at this spot this could be a steal and it is a low risk high reward pick.
In the first round,I might have wondered,in the second,I love the pick.
Plus one of the things I have been opinionated on is the Browns taking a QB in the first round,committing to that player and perhaps passing on a franchise style passer in the 2018 draft.
Picking Kizer in the second isn't high enough to look over that type of player,but talent wise,Cleveland grabbed a first round talent in round two...

In the third round,the Browns tabbed Charlotte defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi.
Ogunjobui was one of several linemen that I had rated roughly the same,but the Browns decided that they needed depth and that makes sense.
Without a fourth rounder,the Browns might have had to move on Ogunjobi faster than they may have wanted to.
Ogunjobi will likely plug into the tackle rotation with Danny Shelton,Jamie Meder,Xavier Cooper etc.
Ogunjobi is reported to be a solid tackle with the ability to provide a pass rush up the middle.
Not the sexiest pick on the board and maybe not even the flashiest at his position that was available at the time of the selection,but we'll see on this one.

Wrapping Up

A for Deshone Kizer-Well worth the chance in round two with the skills that he could possibly eventually use.
Give the Browns credit for taking a risk when the price for that was reasonable and for being patient enough to not to push their luck in round one..

B- for Larry Ogunjobi-A solid defensive lineman that has the potential to be very good with some luck..

I'll do a post later with the final day's picks and coverage of Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko

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