Friday, April 7, 2017

Time isn't on my side...

Time isn't on my side at this time.
The autographing season is starting,but there is always stress as teams wait to release rosters and you just cannot get ahead of things to be prepared.

Combine that with work and it's tough to be as prepared as you'd like.
Add a rainout for the Suns opener and it only gets worse as teams dragged out a roster release,so I cannot get cards out as quickly to my traders.

Anyway,because all the extra work needed to get that finished-I've decided to skip team previews and just note them here for posterity.
I also won't predict anything past the regular season,the playoffs are just too unpredictable in short series action.

Cleveland Indians 97-65 1st place American League Central
Pittsburgh Pirates  81-81 3rd place National League Central
San Francisco Giants 92-70 2nd place National West-Wild Card....

This might be the year Indians fans have waited for.
The addition of Edwin Encarncion's power bat might be what puts the Tribe over the top.

The Pirates appear to be about average.
If Andrew McCutchen bounces back,they could threaten for a wild card,but a slow start that would make that difficult,look for McCutchen and others to be moved at the deadline...

San Francisco should fight a neck and neck battle with the Dodgers that could go either way at the wire.
The Giants starting pitching ranks with the best,but even with the addition of Mark Melancon,the bullpen still remains a question mark.
If the Giants get to the postseason,they are the team no one wants to face due to that starting rotation.

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