Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Catching up with the news

There isn't too much to write about,but I did want to catch up a bit before an incredibly exciting work training that is reportedly going to change my life with wonderful nuggets like "treat people like I would want to be treated" etc!

I'll get through it,though and come home with lots to catch up as I have TONS of draft stuff to do and only so much time to get it typed up..

Anyway,I'll have lots to write about soon with my trip to West Virginia and the Power along with all the fun that occurred on the downtime.

The Cavaliers are waiting to see if their next opponent will be Toronto or Milwaukee after sweeping the Indiana Pacers on Sunday.
I was able to watch the final minute in my hotel room in a rainy Charleston after the Power game vs Lakewood with Doug Hopkins,which was more than I expected to see!
Toronto is on the road against the Bucks tomorrow night for their game six and the Raptors can clinch with a win,while a Bucks win forces a deciding game seven Saturday in Toronto.
In either case,the winner's series vs the Cavaliers will start Monday...

I really want to bang some draft stuff and I may have to settle for less coverage than usual.
If I have to make a decision on players of interest or Browns needs,I'm leaning towards players of interest...

I also wanted to wanted to answer a question that has been asked several times since the Q and A post about my status with the Hagerstown Suns as far as going to games go.
No,there isn't a boycott or anything like that,I just would rather go to other places that I enjoy more when the opportunity arises.
I'll still be going to games during the next homestand vs Rome and Hickory,but looking at the schedule,it could be a month before I return.
Why? the schedule of the team,which has roadswings and the next two teams into the Hub City are the main two opponents that seem to arrive here like the Washington Generals against the Harlem Globetrotters-Lakewood and Delmarva.
Those teams are mostly caught up unless a team set comes out....

I'm going to try to list my podcast with Dan Parlegreco shortly before I'm off to the meeting,so look for plenty of updates over the next few days...

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