Friday, April 21, 2017

Cavaliers back from the dead-Win Game Three

The Cleveland Cavaliers appeared to be throwing in a cropper in Indianapolis Thursday night,shooting well under forty percent in the first half and trailing by 25 points at the half.things appeared to headed for a 2-1 series as the fans went mad in Indiana for their Pacers.
However,something happened when the Cavaliers came out for the second half-LeBron James awoke and snatched the game by the horns in the manner that only the greatest to ever play the game can and when it was all over,it was LeBron James and Cleveland's Cavaliers standing tall with a history making 119-114 win and a 3-0 series lead.
James,of course,was the leader with a triple double with 41 points,13 rebounds and 12 assists to lead Cleveland,who helped James with five players that scored either 12 or 13 points.
Cleveland leads the series 3-0 and can eliminate the Pacers with a win Sunday.
No coverage on that as I will be doing baseball on that day...


1) That was about as powerful of a performance by LeBron James that I can remember since he singlehandedly carried the overmatched Cavaliers by the Detroit Pistons to their first NBA finals.
The look on that face when the Cavaliers hit the floor for the second half as I watched at work caused me to think to myself-they may not win this,but I would bet almost anything that they are going to make the Pacers and their crowd worry sometime during this half.

2) Russell Westbrook might win the MVP and deservedly so,but the best player in the world still resides in Cleveland.
This is very reminiscent of those years in the 90's where Charles Barkley and Karl Malone would win the award,but in the playoffs Michael Jordan would show up in a rage and remind everyone that the best player in the world was still a Chicago Bull-this was much like what we saw yesterday.

3) The comeback was the largest from a halftime deficit in NBA playoff history and the surprise in how it happened?
Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving sat on the bench during the 4th quarter in favor of Devin Williams at the point and Channing Frye at the 4.
Williams hit his only shot,but was a steadying influence and Frye hit two key three pointers.
Points to Tyronn Lue for sticking with what was working and to Love and Irving for being supportive and not sulking.
That shows that the team really buys in and isn't all about personal gain...

4) I really hate playing the Pacers.
Not because I have a soft spot for a former ABA team,which I do,but because when they wear their gold uniforms as they did in this game and the wide angle is used,it can be hard telling which team is which as the Cavaliers gold is pretty close to the Pacers version...

5) This series is over.
Not only is it beyond unlikely that Indiana wins four straight,but it would be a shock to me for Indiana to even win Sunday despite being at home.
A loss like that isn't one that you bounce back from in a season,let alone in three days.
Get this win and hope for a Atlanta Hawks comeback to stretch their series with Washington along.....

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