Friday, April 14, 2017

Cleaning out the inbox

After the recent all baseball inbox,I'm going to clean the rest of the inbox and start fresh into the weekend.
I've gotten a few questions for Q and A from different sources and I'll be doing that sometime over the holiday weekend,so if interested,you still have time.

The Cleveland Cavaliers might have wobbled down the late season stretch like a jalopy with four bald tires,but even though the Cavaliers blew the Eastern Conference's top seed-the real season begins Saturday afternoon as the second seeded Cavaliers begin the playoffs against the seventh seeded Indiana Pacers.
There is plenty to be concerned about,but few,if any,people consider anyone but Cleveland to be the favorites to win the East.
My pick in this one:Cavaliers in five...
I'm going to have as much coverage as I can have,which basically means,if I see the game,I'll write about it.

A few goodbyes:

Goodbye to Steelers owner Dan Rooney,who died yesterday at the age of 84.
Normally,I wouldn't have much to say about the owner of the Steelers,who have whipped the Browns constantly over the last almost 20 years,but I've always had a place for Dan Rooney,who was one of just two owners (along with Ralph Wilson of the Buffalo Bills) that voted against Art Modell's theft of the Browns to Baltimore.
No matter my hatred for the Steelers,I'll always think well of Dan Rooney for that...

Goodbye to former Texas Tech running back James Hadnot at the age of 59.
The thunderous runs of the hulking Hadnot led the defunct Southwest Conference in rushing in 1978 and 1979 after being converted from tight end two weeks before the 1978 season.
Hadnot was a punishing,physical rusher and preferred to run defenders over rather than running by them.
Hadnot was a third round selection by the Chiefs in 1980 and spent four years in Kansas City before finishing his career in the USFL with the San Antonio Gunslingers.

Goodbye to "Pretty Boy" Larry Sharpe at the age of 66.
Sharpe was best known as the first big pro wrestling trainer at his wrestling school "the Monster Factory" having trained many stars in the wrestling game such as King Kong Bnndy,Bam Bam Bigelow and Raven to name just a few.
I'll always remember Sharpe best for his television matches from the first year that I was a fan of wrestling.
Sharpe was given a few television wins in order to raise him above the level of the television "enhancement talent",but at the arenas would lose to anyone above that level,although he was often the victor in his preliminary matches...

In a recent inbox,I wrote about Mary Katherine Ham of CNN and the Federalist.
Ham hit home for me as she wrote about her love for the Masters,yet she never has played golf.
As a golf fan of both tours that doesn't play golf,her words were more eloquent than I would written on my memories growing up,but the feelings were similar.
Mary Katherine Ham is a coming star in print and television.

We finish with a Deadspin post that was written before Georgetown hired Patrick Ewing as their head basketball coach.
It discusses the fifty year war between John Thompson,who still wields the most power at Georgetown (if he didn't,why would Georgetown hire someone that has never been a head coach at any level or ever coached in college at all?) and DeMatha coach Morgan Wooten and his successors.
It's a great remembrance of Washington basketball and all of the heat and controversy that involves...

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