Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cleveland Browns-Persons of Interest

The Cleveland Browns arguably have needs at every position,although some are better than others.
I'm hoping to have time to do two posts before tomorrow's nights draft,but I'm going to start with some players that I like at various positions.
If I have time,I'll be adding a look at the Browns positional needs tomorrow.

The drama is at number one,where most people believe that the way to go is Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett,although some rumors are floating about North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky as the choice.
I'm firmly in the Garrett camp,as I just have questions about Trubisky,although I like him some.
I wonder why if he's so wonderful,why couldn't he beat out the far from immortal Marquise Williams?
I wouldn't have an issue with Trubisky at 12,perhaps,but definitely not at one and maybe not even at a trade up,unless the cost was minimal.

I don't even have Trubisky as my top quarterback as that honor goes to the power armed Patrick Mahomes of Texas Tech.
With his size,arm and mobility,Mahomes would be a little more of a work in progress than Trubisky or DeShaun Watson of Clemson,but at 12 or for a tradeup involving the second rounder,I'm all in on Mahomes,who Scott Dryden compares to Brett Favre.
Works for me.

The running back class is pretty deep and I doubt the Browns will go runner with either first rounder,but might in round two-especially if they don't trade up.
I'll leave the best backs on the board that are unlikely to be Browns and focus on two backs.
Joe Mixon of Oklahoma comes with lots of baggage,but might be the best back in the draft on pure talent.
Bullish D'Onta Foreman of Texas could be a nice addition on day three in the draft.
Foreman runs hard between the tackles and could be a surprise for someone...

The wide receiver spot was a major part of the 2016 draft,but none of the day three picks had an impact.
I doubt the Browns use a first rounder,but Chris Godwin of Penn State brings a big and fast reciever that could be a day two pick and I really like North Carolina's Ryan Switzer as a Wes Welker type in the slot on day three.
Could the Browns take Switzer,if they take Mitch Trubisky?

Lots of tight ends available and I really like Alabama's O.J. Howard as the best of the bunch,but to take Howard means that the Browns will likely not get their QB at 12.
Big and fast along with a blocking ability,Howard would be great for Cleveland.
Two others that I like are Adam Shaheen of Ashland,who's more of a Rob Gronkowski type physically and Evan Engram of Ole Miss,who is more of a true pass catcher than tight end....

I doubt the Browns tab an offensive lineman before day three and if so it'll be a sleeper/developmental player.
Just to toss a name out-Justin Senior,a tackle from Canada,who played at Mississippi State.

I plan on doing a defensive persons of interest tomorrow morning..

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