Monday, April 3, 2017

Grouchy Observations.

Sitting here watching the last few innings of the Pirates and discovered that I had five things in sports today that made me rather grouchy.
And considering that Oscar is my favorite Sesame Street (Feel free to send me your Oscar the Grouch memorabilia) character-it was easy to decide the theme and picture for this post...

Let's start with this morning's post on the Lexi Thompson robbery in the ANA Inspiration yesterday.
The more I think about it,the more ridiculous the whole thing seems.
The LPGA is always a niche' tour that is in a constant struggle for attention and today they are getting plenty of it-for all the wrong reasons...

Georgetown hires Patrick Ewing?
Two notes:First,name me the long list of successful college coaches that have never been a head coach anywhere or coached in college at all?
Take your time,I'll wait.
If you were going to hire Ewing,why fire John Thompson III?
Not exactly breaking new ground in Georgetown...

The NHL is not participating in the 2018 Winter Olympics,which means if any players want to play,they need to insure themselves and have their teams permission to play.
The NHL involvement was the best part of the winter games,helped to grow the game and showed that the game's growth came before profit for once.
The league dangled the Olympics in front of the players union as a carrot to help make a deal and the players didn't bite.
Is there anything that Gary Bettman touches that doesn't turn to fertilizer?

Opening day for most of the league and nothing spells baseball season more than watching the Pirates than tuning in and hearing Greg Brown as the voice of the Buccos.
The worst in local baseball announcers and just hearing that voice makes me reach for the remote to either mute or change to the opposing teams network,
I think Bob Walk's decent enough,but Greg Brown? Bleech.

Wrapping with the Pirates and I've made my feelings about interleague play well known,but it really hits home on opening day with the Pirates playing Boston.
Since the move of Houston to American League play,there is at least one interleague game every day,so an opener for one of my teams was inevitable.
It just feels so spring training to me when it occurs this soon...

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