Wednesday, May 4, 2016

2nd Annual Zabbies

Time to revisit a promised (and a bit overdue) return to the Zabbies.
We did the Zabbies last year for the first time for fighters that we are sick of seeing and the Zabbies were recently mentioned on Ramon (R.L.) Malpica's podcast-Thanks as always for the plug.

Here is last year's description of what the Zabbies are all about!
The Zabbies are named after former champion Zab Judah,who I grew tired of seeing get big fight after big fight and always accompanied by excuses after excuses for his losses,which were then followed by lots of talk about this being "a new Zab Judah" blah blah...
Judah hasn't fought in a year and hopefully will not fight further,so the namesake for the list is not on it.
The list has various reasons for being on it ranging from Judah-like excuses,weak chins,quitting when the going got tough and being susceptible to cuts etc.

Well,over a year later,Zab Judah is still threatening a return to the ring,although it hasn't occurred yet and two of our Zabbie winners from last year are back for repeat wins!
It's showtime!!!

1) Victor Ortiz
I described Victor's faults last year and why I'm tired of him,so I won't re-write it,but they didn't go away in Ortiz's recent fight against Andre Berto in which he was floored,got up slowly and then surrendered without a word.
How many times do you want to see the same guy quit and now that his only noteworthy win has been avenged in the rematch vs Berto,name one compelling reason to watch Ortiz.

2) Robert Guerrero
Our other repeat winner has fought three times since the first Zabbies and has went 1-2 and on my card should have been 0-3.
Plodding losses to Keith Thurman and Danny Garcia were bad enough,but his split decision "win" over clubfighter Aron Martinez (I scored Martinez the winner) showed the same dull fight again and again.
The most excitement that Guerrero brings to the table is when his father shoots off at the mouth about the damage Guerrero is going do,which you know has no chance of happening....

3) Brandon Rios
Rios once was a game warrior that went all out.
No longer as now the problem is that Rios is not always guaranteed to make weight and now tends to just aimlessly follow fighters around the ring ineffectively.
Rios has one decent win in the last three years and that was a disqualification win over Diego Chaves in a fight that I had him losing.
Rios doesn't care to get into shape or show much effort-if he doesn't care,why should I?

4) Chris Algeri
Algeri,a tough guy with a light punch,was just another clubfighter before being given what I thought was an outrageous split decision over Ruslan Provodnikov.
Algeri parlayed that win into a Manny Pacquiao bout that saw him get dropped six times.
Algeri since has fought decently in a loss to Amir Khan,a win over Erick Bone and was steamrolled by Errol Spence.
Algeri cannot break soap bubbles with his punch,cannot outbox most fighters and doesn't have a chin.
Guts only takes you so far in the sport and Algeri just isn't capable of doing more than he does-which gives him a Zabbie and just might get him hurt badly in the ring...

5) The Dirrell Brothers
Pick the Dirrell of your choice-Andre,the fighter with the better resume',but shows the killer instinct of my dog Posey,content to just jog around the ring and notch unanimous decisions against overmatched competition or Anthony,who has fewer top fighters on his record,but did win a world title,only to lose it in his first defense,
Anthony occasionally turns it up a hair to stop the lesser opposition that the Dirrells usually face,so that is a small notch in his favor.
For fighting basically the same dull fight against the same generally lousy PBC opponents,I'm sick of both Dirrells...

Bonus Zabbie

6) Gary Russell
This Zabbie isn't for lack of talent as Russell has loads of that,but the flashy Russell has fought one quality opponent (Vasyl Lomachenko) dropped a lopsided decision to Lomachenko and doesn't fight very often.
Russell doesn't deserve to be on this list because of losses,but he makes the list for his pattern of overwhelming poor opponents,calling out big names (like Lomachenko for a rematch) that's unlikely to occur and then fighting more crappy competition.
Russell can get off this list easily for next year by fighting even top ten competition,which is more than he's done for his entire career....

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