Sunday, May 1, 2016

Browns complete day three

The Cleveland Browns finished their draft with some players that might turn out to be steals and made a trade to attempt to help a player with a change of scenery.

The Browns did add a fifth rounder in a tradedown with the Raiders and later added cornerback Jamar Taylor from the Dolphins in swapping seventh rounders.
Taylor,a second rounder from Boise State in 2013,had been regarded as a bust in Miami and given that the Browns already have Justin Gilbert,one could make an argument the Browns really didn't need another disappointing corner on the roster.
I look at it differently.
The cost of giving Taylor a chance was just dropping in the seventh round,the pick still resulted in Scooby Wright and if it doesn't work out,the team can just release Taylor.
At 25,Taylor is still young enough to put it all together.

I love the two drafted linebackers,which were the Browns first pick and their last one in Wisconsin's Joe Schobert  (4th)and Arizona's Scooby Wright (7th).
I attempted to reach Ryan to ask for more about Schobert,but on the podcast,I spoke about how much I loved Wright.
Wright is one of those linebackers that are always underestimated in the draft based on size and speed and then just go out and tackle everything in sight for years.
Schobert was a pass rushing outside backer as a Badger,but most likely will move inside in the NFL.
I think both of those guys make the team and one if not both start sometime in the next two years...

The Browns took a lot of pass catchers to try to spray a bunch of picks around to maybe wind up with a good one or two.
Auburn's Ricardo Louis (4th) is a terrific physical specimen that has been rumored to be moved to corner due to bad hands,which is a small problem for a pass catcher.
That brings to mind last years pick in the fourth round of another Browns receiver pick that had issues catching the ball and didn't even make the team in Vince Mayle.
I hope Louis doesn't meet the same fate as Mayle.
Princeton's Seth DeValve (4th) was a college wideout that the Browns plan on moving to tight end and the best two picks came in the fifth with UCLA's Jordan Payton and my favorite sleeper (mentioned on the podcast preview) in Colorado State's Rashard "Hollywood" Higgins,who was an absolute theft at this stage of the draft.
The Browns have added quite a few interesting receivers and I would be surprised if more than one weren't on the final roster for 2016.

Cleveland added two players to the secondary in TCU's Derrick Kindred (4th) and Trey Caldwell (5th) of Louisiana-Monroe.
Kindred is noted as a hard tackler that played his entire 2016 season with a broken collarbone,choosing to play through the pain rather than miss the season and should at least be a benefit on the special teams
Caldwell isn't the biggest corner at 5'8,but did finish with 52 tackles last season.that's about the extent of what I know about Caldwell as none of the three draft books that I lean on had a writeup on him and I couldn't find much on YouTube about him either.

Bruising Baylor guard Spencer Drango (5th) will attempt to move inside after playing tackle at Baylor.
At 6'6 and 315 pounds,Drango has a chance to add some depth to the offensive line,but despite his size will need to work on his run blocking after spending so much time being a pass blocker at Baylor in an offense that preferred the throwing of the football.

On the overall,I liked this draft day with a few flaws-I would not have drafted Seth DeValve or Trey Caldwell because I think there would have been an excellent chance of being to sign them as undrafted free agents,but clearly in the case of DeValve,they must have had the feeling that another team was interested.

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