Sunday, May 22, 2016

Can't win them all-Cavaliers dusted in Game three

The Cleveland Cavaliers couldn't shoot well forever and the time ran out in Toronto as the Raptors defeated Cleveland 99-84 in game three of the Eastern Conference finals in Toronto.
LeBron James scored 24 points with J.R.Smith adding 22 to lead Cleveland.
Game four is Monday in Toronto...


1) Asking the Cavaliers torrid shooting to continue was asking a bit much,but I had thought all along (and posted in last recap) that if the Cavaliers were going to lose a game-it would be game three.
I'm not worried a bit,lose game four Monday and the worry quotient goes up.

2) Kyrie Irving shot 3 of 19 and Kevin Love was just 1 of 9 from the floor.
Again,you couldn't expect shooting at the level that Cleveland was shooting at,but you could reasonably expect better than that!
I'd bet on a bounceback tomorrow night.

3) Tristan Thompson isn't paid for his offense (good thing 0 points) and finished with eight rebounds,but was out-Thompsoned by Toronto's Bismack Biyombo with 26 rebounds!
Now,26 boards is a massive amount for one player,but it takes a lot of missing for a guy to finish with 26 rebounds!

4) The Cavaliers did make a few runs in the second half as twice they were able to get as close as five points,but could never sink the basket to really put the pressure on the Raptors..

5) The biggest worry was not just missing so often,it was how they were missing.
The Raptors tried to do the tactic that Atlanta tried by just hanging back in the paint and challenging the Cavaliers to hit from the outside.
For the first time in these playoffs,they couldn't.

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