Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Cavaliers drop game four in Toronto

The Cleveland Cavaliers didn't play up to par for three quarters,before making a huge move in the fourth to erase a two-digit deficit to take the lead for a short time.
It wasn't enough though as the Toronto Raptors escaped with a 105-99 win in Toronto.
The win ties the series at two with game five later this week in Cleveland.
LeBron James finished with 29 points with Kyrie Irving adding 26,but the Cavaliers received little help from anyone else other than Channing Frye in the defeat..


1) Let's accentuate the positive -the Cavaliers were down 16 at the half,didn't roll over and played hard until the end.
Were there flaws? Yes,but unlike in game three-I didn't think that they were due to lack of hustle...

2) The Cavaliers were an anemic 13/31 from three point range (31 percent),but considering it was around 15 percent at the half,the number could have been far worse.
I'm beginning to fear that the Cavaliers have fallen into the trap of just jacking up threes..

3) Finally,Channing Frye was a positive as his four three pointers were awfully large in the comeback.
It was nice seeing one of the "4's" being able to stretch the floor a bit and that was exactly why Frye was brought to Cleveland....

4) Kevin Love was just awful for the second game in a row.
After a 1 for 9 clunker in game three,he threw up (literally) a 4 for 14 stinker in this one.
Just cannot dispute the stat sheet....

5) Kyrie Irving rebounded offensively with 26 points,but for the second game in a row was torched on the defensive end by Kyle Lowry,who finished with 35.
Irving is almost to the point of being a defensive liability after these last two games...

6) Tristan Thompson is being paid for defense and rebounds,but isn't 80+ million a lot for a guy with 2 points in 2 games?

7) I wrote in game three's recap that I wasn't worried,but I'd review that after game four.
I know it's a loss,but I think the late charge is going to go a long way in game five.
Cleveland still has home court and almost pulled tonight's game out.
I think they are OK.
At least I hope....

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