Friday, May 20, 2016

Cavs roll again in Game Two

The Toronto Raptors were able to stay in the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers for most of the first half.
Cleveland finished off the Raptors before the break with a 16-2 run that broke their Jurassic backs and cruised to another win to go up two-zero in the Eastern Conference Finals.
The 108-89 win was led by LeBron James and his triple-double (23,11 and 11) and Kyrie Irving with 26 points.
Game three is Saturday in Toronto.


1) Loved that first half rim rocking jam by LeBron James that brought to mind the younger LBJ with the spectacular slam.
The younger James was a very underrated dunker and could really fly through the air...

2) If Toronto steals a game in this series,it's this one coming up in game three.
I can see a capacity crowd,first time visit to the ECF and adrenaline taking over for an upset,but I still don't see this going past five,

3) Kyrie Irving is shooting more and leading the team in scoring and that just might make the difference in the finals-Anytime that an option outside of LeBron James of that quality exists,that means trouble for the opposition.

Cutting this one short as I have a massive amount of inbox buildup and still day three of the trip to go.....

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