Friday, May 27, 2016

Cleaning out the inbox-Non-Sports Version

Time to get on the ball here and get working on the inbox cleaning!
We have built up so much that we have enough to do a non-sports version!

Goodbye to Alan Young at the age of 96.
Young was best known as the befuddled owner of the talking horse,Mister Ed on the show of the same name.
Young had made his name earlier with his hosting of a variety show on CBS "The Alan Young Show in the early days of television,but was best known as Wilbur Post in Mister Ed,the lovable and bewildered owner of the world's only talking horse.
Mister Ed was a show that I laugh at to this day because it is just plain funny.
I like silly shows like that,but Young looked younger than he really was as he was in his mid 40's doing Mister Ed and looked a good decade younger.
Post was also noted for his voice work in his later days including a stint as "Scrooge McDuck" in Disney's DuckTales,which I used to see a lot of when Ryan was little as he was a big fan of the Disney cartoons of that time.

My podcast on Person of Interest with Kaily Russell smashed all of our records for blog hits and podcast downloads.
Now that's more Kaily's popularity and the show more than anything I did,but I'd like to thank the POI fans for such a great response.
Buzzfeed offers a look at the show and it's struggles over the last year with the CBS network despite better than average ratings.

Joe Plum posted a Facebook link from Atlas Obscura that looks at the hobby of collecting ready to eat meals from various militaries.
Often times,many people post their reviews of eating these things on YouTube and there appears to be a decent trading community growing.
Technically,the buying and selling of these items are illegal,but it appears pretty harmless and fun and I would doubt that many if any would go through the hassles of prosecuting.
Looked pretty interesting to me.

My favorite chips in the world (Other than Gibble's Red Hot) will be making a change mandated by the government.
The Jones company in Mansfield,Ohio is changing the oils that made their chips so good as the goverment is eliminating the use of partially-hydrogenated oil and the compant has to shift to corn oil.
My dad brought me a bag of the new version (I favor Salt and Vinegar) and they are good,but missing that thickness that held the excess flavoring in.
I'll miss those chips,the new ones are about as close as one can expect,but it'll never be the same.
Another childhood love goes down hard...

Are you familiar with the phrase "Smoke Filled Room" in political talk?
Time magazine writes about the origin of the term from the 1920 Republican convention in Chicago.
The article discusses the term,the decision making and the eventual nomination of Warren G,Harding.

When you hear about invasive species taking over an area,the poster child for this is the Burmese Python establishing a foothold in Florida,but there could be an even more dangerous species entering Florida and this one could be a potentially dangerous animal to man.
DNA testing showed that three Nile Crocodiles have been found in Florida over the last decade and that makes some (including me) wonder if they are in the wild.
The Nile Croc. is known to be a larger more aggressive competitor than the American version and has been known to attack and kill man.
The Nile Crocodile has the biggest bite force in the entire animal kingdom-In other words,he's a pretty bad dude.
National Geographic looks at the Nile,compares it to the American Crocodile and Alligator
Imagine the damage that this animal can do to the ecosystem,other species and safety to humans.
I hope that this is a situation that does not get worse...

That's all for now,Back later with hopefully a podcast!!

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