Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Cleaning out the inbox-Non Sports Edition

Time for an overdue cleaning of the inbox.

We start with the pictured one hundred and twenty side die as written about in the New Yorker.
Larger amount (above six) sided are often featured in gaming of different types and I even use them when I play Strat O Matic on the cards with the twenty sided ones.
The 120 is regarded as the "ultimate fair die as allowed by Mother Nature"although I cannot imagine what type of game (or anything else) it would be good for.
Still a neat story and a cool looking little lumpy thing!

The Guardian offers an interesting article on the Mountain Chicken Frog in the island nation of Montserrat that is the equivalent of a miracle as one of the final two frogs of the species are used to attempt to mate in the wild.
The issue is that the male is literally "out in the woods" and the captive female's calls will be used to find the male and then hope that nature takes its course.
The frog,which looks nothing like a chicken,has been decimated by a fungus that have overtaken many amphibians in the chain of islands....

The Hollywood Reporter has a rare interview with Rick Moranis formerly of many films and most notably to me as one of the stars of the classic SCTV.
Moranis,who has basically taken an hiatus from film in order to raise his children after their mother's passing,discusses why it took him away from Hollywood and why he passed on a cameo role in the new Ghostbusters reboot....

The one place that I wanted to check out when Rachel's trip to Cleveland took place that I missed is now entering the food truck game as Slymon's and their world famous corned beef hits the road.
Just goes to show you that there is always hope....

Wrapping up with the Cleveland food theme,the Cleveland Plain Dealer writes about the various hot dogs served at Progressive Field.
The best to me sounds like the Reuben Dog with corned beef,sauerkraut and thousand island dressing.
Topped of course with Bertman's Ballpark Mustard!!!!

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