Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Cavaliers crush Toronto in Game one!

Kyrie Irving scored 27 points and LeBron James shooting was dead on in adding 24 as the Cleveland Cavaliers continued to steamroll their way through the Eastern Conference with a 115-84 win over the Toronto Raptors in game one of their series.
I wish I could add more about the dominance of the win,but I just don't have the words!
Game two in Cleveland Thursday night...


1) The Cavaliers have now won their first nine games of the playoffs and I'm sure that you might have noticed that I haven't done recaps of all of those games.
They were so one sided other than one game in Atlanta (that I didn't see as I was in Scranton) that I didn't have much to say.
From here on out,I'll be here...

2) LeBron James hit his first nine shots,including a crushing dunk as he cut around DeMarre Carroll.
James finished 11 of 13 from the floor and sat most of the second half.

3) Kyrie Irving's 27 points also built the lead that allowed him to sit the same in the second half.
Considering the noted fragility of Irving,any rest that he can be given is a positive decision...

4) The 31 point win was the largest ever for Cleveland in the playoffs and they did it by driving to the basket.
James did not hit a three pointer and the teams stretch of double digit three pointers ended.

5) Toronto missed center Jonas Valanicuius for the game and the ailing center will miss game two as well.
Without the bulky center taking up room in the paint,the drives to the basket will continue.

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