Saturday, May 28, 2016

Eastern Conference Champion-Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers won their second Eastern Conference title in a row as they closed out their series with the Toronto Raptors with a 113-87 win in game six of the series.
LeBron James finished with 33 points with help from Kyrie Irving's 30 and Kevin Love's 20 more.
Cleveland will either host Oklahoma City or travel to Golden State on Thursday for game one of the finals..


1) LeBron James was massive in this one-Attacking the basket early and often,James set the tone with 14 first quarter points.
The crowd was taken out of the game and they never seemed to return.

2) Cleveland might have caught a break with Tristan Thompson's elbow didn't get a flagrant foul in the first quarter.
Especially when Bismack Biyombo was called for one on a similar play later...

3) Shutdown defense-Cleveland held Toronto to just 16 points in the second quarter and then put the game away in the third with a spurt of offense that pushed the lead to 26.

4) So now what?
The six days off and the only two games more than the minimum played is going to help against either Golden State or Oklahoma City as far as wear on the wheels go,but both teams have reasons to me to like to see them against Cleveland.

5) Golden State would bring the revenge factor for last year into play against a healthy Cavalier team and a Warrior series win would push the series to seven for more wear and tear.

6) Oklahoma City would play less (I'm assuming they would win a game six at home,unlikely but could win game seven in Oakland),but would give the Cavaliers home court.

7) Look for an NBA Finals podcast with Ramon Malpica to preview those finals.
I'm hoping that this is finally our year.

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