Thursday, May 26, 2016

Rollin',Rollin,Rollin-Cavs stampede Raptors in game five!

After much hand wringing from the media (and me) after two less than stellar efforts in Toronto,the Cleveland Cavaliers just needed a trip home to turn things around as the Cavaliers ran up,down and over the Toronto Raptors 116-78 in Cleveland.
The big three of Kevin Love,LeBron James and Kyrie Irving combined for 71 points in the brutal beating.
Cleveland leads the series three games to two and can clinch the series with a win Friday in Toronto...


1) I was critical of the play of Kevin Love in Toronto and you cannot deny that,but he was a different player tonight at home.
Love was eight of ten from the floor with three from beyond the line and attacked the basket instead roaming around the perimeter jacking up three's.

2) And as far as a fellow named LeBron James goes,he looked like a man loaded for bear.
His numbers (23,6 and 8) might not have reached triple double country.but he drove the lane and showed an intensity that you knew minutes into this game that it would be Cleveland leading this series when the border was crossed for game six.

3) It was nice to see Tristan Thompson arrive with ten rebounds too.
Points that you can get from Thompson are a bonus,but for the cash you are paying him,you have to get plenty of boards,an inside defensive presence and energy.
They didn't get that in Toronto,they did in game five.

4) The defense stepped up its game as well.
DeMar DeRosian and Kyle Lowry were so effective in Canada and finish with just 27 points combined for the game.
Lowry truly has been two different players in each arena...

5) So,can the Cavaliers clinch in Toronto?
The place will be rocking and loud with the Raptors back against the wall,the environment will be difficult.
However,after watching tonight and the late rally in game four,I like the Cavaliers to pull out a tough game.
Biggest key? Ball movement.
Don't be afraid to keep the ball moving,create open shots and I have a feeling that will be enough...

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