Saturday, June 17, 2017

A sad goodbye

It's a somewhat sad day here as I've decided to end the podcast for now.

The main reason is financial,but it's more along the lines of not being motivated to do the show alone and not having the time right now to recruit guests for the show.
Also,I'm having fun here right now as far as writing and making the time can sometime be difficult for this-let alone both.

The money layout at this time of year hits the worst spot for me and it's been a self-fulfilling prophecy since losing sponsorship-You can't get sponsorship without doing shows and I didn't want to do shows with paying out of my pocket right now.

I'm sad because I did enjoy doing the show and I also got to talk and meet so many really cool and smart people as well,but I may look at this as a brief interruption.
If I can find a free host or even a cheaper cost host,I'd like to continue to do the show,but we'll have to see if that is feasible or not...

If there was something that you'd like to archive,I'd get to it quickly because I think Podbean will take everything down on the 21st,which is next week.

Before I go,I'd like to thank the terrific guests,which was the main thing that I look back and enjoyed most and thank the listeners for listening and all the feedback that I received from you.
It always is so meaningful to hear when people enjoy the things that I do and I really appreciated all the times that you did listen.
I'm a lousy self-promoter and I just don't feel right about beating people over the head with "advertising" for this and /or the podcast,so those of you that listened,did so because you wanted to and that meant more than you could know.

Thanks again and keep the faith,one never knows when this could pop up again...

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