Friday, June 2, 2017

Cavaliers dusted in Game One

The Cleveland Cavaliers played a decent enough first half in Oakland in game one of the NBA Finals,yet still were down eight points at the half.
The Cleveland Cavaliers lost their defensive edge in the second half and were dominated in third quarter action,putting themselves out of the game and losing to the Golden State Warriors 113-91.
LeBron James led Cleveland with 28 points with Kyrie Irving adding 24 more.
Game two is Sunday in Oakland.


1) It all came down to the boardwork and you'd never know it by the numbers.
The stat sheet had Cleveland outrebounding Golden State 59-50,but it seemed like much of that advantage was accumulated in garbage time.
Cleveland seemed to lose every loose ball and every contested rebound and just seemed to be almost passive with every missed shot.

2) The Warriors are too good to give so many second chances.
Tristan Thompson finished with just four rebounds and zero points,if that is the type of statistics that we can expect from Thompson,it's going to be very tough for Cleveland to win this series.
Fortunately,I don't think that will be the case.

3) Ok,Kevin Durant finished with 38 points.
Kevin Durant will also be tough to stop,but something tells me that we've seen his best game.
Call it a hunch,but I have a feeling he's going to have a clunker or even two over the course of this series.

4) Kyrie Irving did finish with 24 points,but did that on shooting 10 for 24 on the night.
Irving is going to have play better on both sides of the floor in order to close the gap from game one to game two.

5) 20 turnovers for Cleveland and just four for the Warriors.
Contrast that with the 27-9 difference in transition points and you can see how this got ugly early in the third quarter.

6) Next to nothing from the bench,most notably three point gunner Kyle Korver,who did see key minutes before the game got out of hand.
Korver was 0-3 for the evening and had major issues defending.

7) I didn't love the officiating,same as many that watched the game,but the soft defense that allowed so many easy drives to the basket was far more influential in this loss than anything the officials did.
I can live with losing this series with Golden State shooting well from the outside-I cannot live with it allowing them to beat them with dunks and dishing off layups from inside the paint....

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