Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Big Ed Update

Sorry,I've been away,but Big Ed hasn't been feeling well and frankly,I was concerned about the big guy making through yesterday.

However,his heart is still strong,with some meds he is fighting back and beginning to eat again,so pending the results of a blood test-I'm beginning to have my hopes up on recovery.
Hopes that were very near the empty portion of the tank yesterday morning.

Please keep Ed in your thoughts and prayers.
I'll be back tonight with one post for sure and soon a Forgotten Superstars that I was working on when all of this began.

Thanks to the lovely Cherie,Ryan and Rachel for their various help with Ed and thanks to my friends off line-Doug Hopkins,Derreck Chupak,Fred Landucci and Battlin' Bob and my online friend Julie Kendall for their checking in on me/him/us both via phone and email.
Back later tonight...

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