Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Cavaliers season ends in Oakland-drop series in five

The most likely event in sports finished in Oakland as the Golden State Warriors finished the championship reign of the Cleveland Cavaliers 129-120 in game five of the NBA Finals.
LeBron James led Cleveland with 41 points,Kyrie Irving and J.R.Smith each provided support with 26 and 25 points respectively.
I won't be doing too many bullet points on the actual game,but I'll be adding comments on other issues in the league and team as well.


1) The play that most Cavaliers fans will remember this game for -the slam dunk by LeBron James over Kevin Durant that saw Durant clearly foul James for no call.
Had that call been made,it would have been the third foul on Durant,he likely would have sat the rest of the half and the Warriors wouldn't had his major role in the late first half run that saw the Warriors outscore Cleveland by 15 in the second quarter..

2) J.R.Smith played well and Tristan Thompson showed up with a strong game,but that wasn't enough to offset Kevin Love's foul plagued six points.
Love's 2 for 8 from the field was a recipe for a loss against a team of the Warriors level..

3) The role players that have been brought in just haven't done their job.
Deron Williams looks to be a spent shell of a player,Kyle Korver has one skill and when it was needed most,he came up short and it might be time for Richard Jefferson to ride into the promised sunset.
I know there are plenty of salary cap and luxury tax issues for the team and it's going to be tough,,but if you want another shot at the Warriors and have a chance to win it,somethings will need to be addressed.

4) Not sure why Derrick Williams and Channing Frye didn't get off the bench.
Especially Williams,who would have matched up well in the up and down game,I think and Frye would have added an outside shooting dynamic that the Cavaliers couldn't have hurt to try things all things considered.

5) The near fight between Tristan Thompson and David West (a long time favorite of mine going back to Xavier) was interesting,but I liked that Thompson stepped in as an enforcer since the issue was between West and Kyrie Irving.
Despite the AAU buddy buddy style that has taken over in the league,there is still room for toughness..

6) Who to add?
Of available players that are free agents,the two dream additions would be Paul George or Chris Paul.
Either would be a talent upgrade,the problem is affording them under the cap.
It's likely to get either (Or another difference maker),it would cost Kevin Love more than likely in a sign and trade deal.
Does that change the dynamic up enough to challenge the Warriors?
Or does it just create another problem?
I'm just not sure..

7) It's still a good season,the Cavaliers just lost to a team that was just a little more talented,which says a lot.
Cleveland will rue game three's loss for a long time as that would have changed the series,but there is no shame in this series loss.

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