Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Tebow Mania is Runnin' Wild

I wanted to write a little about Tim Tebow mania in Hagerstown,but allow me to preface this with that I was only there for one night.
Cherie and Rachel were there for another day while I was on my whirlwind four games in two days tour of North Carolina.
That recap will dribble out over the next week as things slow down (baseball wise) and I return to work along with several posts from the knee-deep pile of the inbox that needs cleaning...

I have to be really honest (ever notice how that is used? Like I don't use brutal honesty here any other time) here-I thought the Hagerstown Suns did a pretty good job in keeping things in order as much as possible.
My expectations for the series were very low,I've been critical of the Suns,the city of Hagerstown (responsible for stadium maintenance) in the past and present for botching so many various issues.
However,I try to be straight up and I thought the Suns made themselves look credible in the eyes of the attendees.
They had security that was visible,but not obtrusive,they brought food trucks in,so the service could be upgraded in order to keep food lines moving,they were fair to the graphers and allowed them to stand down the line and try to graph,even with the seats being sold,until the fans in those seats arrived,which was very fair of them (I wish they would do more of that on other days,but I digress) and whether it was the team or the city-the hideous board that stuck up and caused me to fall had been replaced.
Not a bad job at all.

As far Tim Tebow goes,I didn't really have much interaction with him.
I didn't try before the game,I just sat above the fray with Fred Landucci and watched.
After the game,I went to the parking lot to try to get him for Rachel (a big fan) on his book and the bus was surrounded by a portable gate.
Tebow did sign,but signed at another part of the gate-breaks of the game and he did sign,so just one of those things.

Wrapping up,I do have a few thoughts on this mess that is Tebow Mania.
First-I have just one problem with this whole thing,mainly that Tebow's attempt knocked two guys down a level and likely one lost a job for a lark.
However,Tim Tebow has done some good for the SAL and the teams in it as they are making a lot of money off his visits-money that could keep a team like Hagerstown afloat for a little bit,but more importantly give a town a chance to see what fun at the ballpark can be.

I get Tim Tebow wanting to try and I get teams being more than happy to make money off the attempt,but where does it stop?
Would it be just as fair to see more athletes from others sports try? Any singers or actors?
I'm sure one could find someone that could make just as much dough by appearing in the Hagerstown's of the minors.

Jason LaCanfora (normally a football writer) writes far better than I about Tebow's visit to Hagerstown here.

I'll be back plenty over the next few days.
I have game three of the suddenly tedious NBA finals (missed game two while on the road),notes from said road and all those inbox notes!

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