Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Cleaning out the inbox

Time for the remainder of the inbox cleaning and I'll start with an interview from the website Pray for Surf with Mark A.Moore.
Moore wrote the most comprehensive,well,record of Jan and Dean yet-The Jan and Dean Record.
The book looks massive in detail and in size and might be a must for every Jan and Dean fan,if not for one thing-the expense.
The book is 29.95 on Kindle and 75.00 in paperback form!
That's a bit rich for my blood,but sample the interview,that alone is massive in scope...

Some of you might have noticed a new addition
to the links column in Lipstick and Nachos-a new site started by my friend Samantha Blinn.
Now,I'm not even a remotely knowledgeable person on makeup,but I've been known to sample nachos on occasion,most notably the large nachos that Doug Hopkins and I had at the Kast Hotel in Williamsport PA!
Samantha promises Nacho recipes and makeup tips,so if either interests you,check her out on the links column!

The cable network Decades shows older television shows and a recent page on their website listed eleven little known facts about the Wild Wild West.
As I am a long time fan,I knew most of these,but there was one fact that I didn't know-can you guess which one that was???

The Toronto Sun writes of SCTV and its history in a long article on the lost TV "Network".
Several of the stars of the Canadian comedy classic are talked with in the article,but it discusses more than just the actual show as it looks at the influence it had on even today's comedians and comedy television...

Denise Nicarry sends this on the accidental creation of the world's hottest chili pepper.
The Dragon's Breath measures at 2.48 million on the Scoville Scale beating the Carolina Reaper's 2.2.million.
The Dragon's Breath is reported to be too hot to eat as an attempt to eat it,could burn so badly that it could close your airways and asphyxiate you.
Now,that's hot!!!

I'm sure if you have ever ordered a Papa John's pizza (Of the chain pizza places,I like them best),you might wonder why it includes a pepperoncini pepper with every order.
Thrillist tells the story of how it came about,why they continue to keep the pepper and what happened when they tested removing the pepper from their pizza boxes.

Adidas takes over the uniforms for the NHL for the 2017-18 season and as most of these new contracts involved do-they'll be bringing changes.
We'll see what they are soon,but here is a link looking at the lineage of the Devils franchise going back to their days as the Kansas City Scouts and Colorado Rockies.
I've always liked the idea of a yearly heritage night that alternates between wearing the Scouts and Rockies jersey or even using those logos with the Devils colors,if someone wants to see the home team in the same colors.
Kansas City never made the playoffs and Colorado only did once (losing in the long ago best of three series in two straight games),but I still feel that those teams and towns are part of the Devils heritage and occasionally should be showcased as such.

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