Saturday, June 10, 2017

Cavaliers stop History-Win Game Four

The Cleveland Cavaliers zoomed to the lead with 49 point first quarter and never allowed history or the Golden State Warriors to seriously challenge them again as the Cavaliers stayed alive with a 137-116 drubbing in Cleveland in game four of the NBA finals.

LeBron James finished with a triple double (31 pts,10 rebounds,11 assists) with Kyrie Irving supporting James with 40 points and Kevin Love adding 23 more.
Golden State continues to lead the series at 3-1 and the Warriors can end the season Monday in Oakland.


1) To say that the Cavaliers were inspired to come out firing early would be a severe understatement.
49 first quarter points-NBA finals record for points in a quarter.
86 first half points-NBA finals record.
That says more than I can type....

2) LeBron James continued to show why he is the best player in the world still-no matter the eventual result of this series,
The overall play of James is what makes him the games top player.
He's not the shooter that Stephen Curry or the pure offensive force of Kevin Durant,but he's good enough at both to dominate on the right night and the other gifts in his game that James possesses far outweighs anything that Curry or Durant does beyond what their strength is.

3) Kyrie Irving's 40 points led the team,but his 15 of 27 was more important (seven three pointers made as well).
Irving is an offensive machine and when he's clicking like he was in this game,few are going to be able to defend him..

4) Loved the ball movement in this game by the Cavaliers.
The ball was kept moving and the Cavaliers didn't fall into the trap of constant isolation of James or Irving going one on five.
Ball movement creates open looks and open looks make complementary players much more likely to contribute..

5) Kevin Love fired in 17 points in the first half and even was a help on defense.
Combine Love with the resurgent games from J.R.Smith and Tristan Thompson and that goes a long way toward a victory.

6) The whole technical foul on Draymond Green/Not on Green thing is the type of thing that makes casual fans,some of which already question NBA basketball being on the level,cringe and wonder.
Put aside whether the technical that was called on Green or not,it looks bad...

7) Nice work by Zaza Pachulia,who will likely miss game five by suspension,for punching Iman Shumpert in the groin.
Add in the resume of Draymond Green and it's no wonder that the Warriors are so disliked.

8) When you are down 3-0 in a series,each game is the most important.
Cleveland came up with a huge effort to avoid the sweep,now they have to have another one in Oakland where they have been blown out twice in the series.
It's unlikely and will take another game of dazzling play to win,but for a second imagine this scenario-If Cleveland wins in Oakland,the series becomes 3-2 and the thoughts of last season has to be on the Warriors mind as they return to Cleveland for game six,where they 'should' have lost both games.
That takes it to game seven and then who knows what happens because then the pressure is all on Golden State,not Cleveland who is playing with house money.
Chances of this happening? Not very good,but there is your road map to a miracle...

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