Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Baseball Draft Updates

Now that the basketball season is over and I get revved up for the beginning of my concern for hockey (even though it just ended,my interest ended when the Devils skated off the ice for the last time in April) with baseball in full throttle-it's time for the baseball draft.

Some seasons I pay more attention to the baseball draft than others.
This was one of those that I didn't pay as much attention as far as research with the Cavaliers advancing,trips etc.
I pay huge attention to the NFL draft.a decent amount of attention to the NBA,as I said varying attention to the MLB Draft (that picks up once the players sign) and really just the first round of the NHL draft as I just don't know as much about those players.

The Pirates selected first of the three teams at the 12 slot and gambled on a talented player that is widely loved by scouts,but one regarded as one that that ranks as one of the more difficult players to sign in Tomball Texas righthander Shane Baz.
Baz throws in the middle 90's and is regarded to have a plus slider.
Baz has a commitment to TCU,which is said to be a strong one,so the Pirates will have to open their checkbook to land Baz.

The Giants were next at 19 and took what is regarded as a very intriguing selection in Puerto Rican outfielder Heliot Ramos.
Ramos is the exact type of player that the Giants traditionally NEVER draft-very toolsy and one that needs lots of refinement.
Ramos is projected as having plus power and speed and a slightly above average arm,yet many observers looked at Ramos being a slight overdraft.
Some don't like his swing and think he needs be more consistent and others wonder if he plays a corner outfielder or center.
San Francisco has often a different draft board than most,so their liking a player more than many others doesn't come as a surprise to me-the surprise is the type of player.
Ramos has a college commitment to Florida International,but is expected to sign...

The Indians sent their first rounder to the Blue Jays as compensation for signing free agent Edwin Encarnacion over the winter,so their first selection came in round two with New York outfielder Quentin Holmes at number 64.
Holmes is the highest drafted player from New York City in 21 years and was rated as the fastest player in the draft.
At 6'1 Holmes is projected to fill out and add more power,but the Indians will have a battle to buy Holmes out from his commitment to Mississippi State.

Now that we have some things taken care of,I hope to take care of the trips to Carolina and Kinston in the next day or two before I have the Devils draft on Friday.
I may have a short preview,but I'll definitely have a Friday post on the player that the Devils tab with the first pick.

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