Friday, June 23, 2017

Busy Day/Dull Night-NBA Draft

After a busy day spent running from work to home to auto service centers multiple times and the same looming for tomorrow,I expected the NBA Draft to hold my attention.
The Cavaliers didn't have selections in either round one or round two,but all week there had been so many rumors about trades with not only Cleveland being involved,but many others as well-to the point of this being thought as a night that would have impact beyond the drafted players.

Instead,absolutely nothing happened as only one big name connected to the Cavaliers moved as Jimmy (I want to play my entire career in Chicago) Butler was dealt to Minnesota,where he will play for his old coach with Tom Thibodeaux and the evening ended with a tweet from the team that basically talked about being interested,but found nothing exciting enough to pursue.
In other words,for all the bluster and rumors that had players ranging from Butler to Paul George to Carmelo Anthony to even at the draft LaMarcus Aldridge and Danny Green being chased by the Cavaliers-the draft was more like a one person jog around the neighborhood.
It'll be interesting to see just what the Cavaliers do or maybe even don't,but they have to do something-even if it risks what they currently have.

Meanwhile about the only thing on draft night that really interested me was the drafting of Xavier guard Edmond Sumner by New Orleans in the second round and was then sold for cash considerations to Indiana.
Sumner was the best player on Xavier last season and the late season slump by the Musketeers was directed caused by the torn ACL suffered by Sumner in late January against St,John's.
Sumner was averaging 15 points and five assists a game before the injury and Sumner was thought to have been a possible first round pick,if he would choose to be eligible following his sophomore year.
The knee injury threw a crinkle into that,but even with the injury,Sumner still made into the second round,although I think he might have been better off returning to Xavier and proving the knee was solid.
Sumner is more of a slasher than a pure shooter,but he has excellent physical tools and assuming that his knee heals properly,could have a solid NBA career...

I might be back with a Devils draft preview,but if not,the next post will be about the results of the first pick in the NHL draft.

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