Tuesday, June 20, 2017

David Griffin leaves Cavaliers-Jump or Pushed?

The Cleveland Cavaliers have issues  with prosperity as the team and general manager David Griffin could not come to an agreement on a new contract,so effective at the end of the month,Griffin will vacate the office and the team will be hiring another general manager.

The reports appear to lean towards Chauncey Billups as the new leader of the front office,which makes all the sense in the world because he played for the Detroit Pistons (Dan Gilbert would much prefer owning the Detroit Pistons than the Cavaliers,so former Pistons can always find a job in Cleveland),he has no experience and is a television voice,so that makes him more than qualified to replace Griffin,who helped the team to a world championship and two finals appearances.

It appears that despite some canny moves by Griffin (turning Dion Waiters into several useful pieces),making a good move for the present,if not the future (Kevin Love for Andrew Wiggins) and some moves that didn't work as well as hoped (Kyle Korver and Deron Williams),David Griffin did a solid job for the Cavaliers and one that deserved an extension.
That extension was especially deserved to be given after several teams asked about Griffin for their teams and had permission to talk to him denied.
Considering that,the issues between Dan Gilbert and David Griffin had to have happened since those openings and the old standby- "different direction" appears to be the issues here.

Now,the questions begin-what is Dan Gilbert's different direction?
Is Gilbert really dumb enough to place the future of his franchise with LeBron James one season away from free agency in the hands of untested TV talking head Chauncey Billups?
Is this vision to go all in for a title for one season or the beginning of his future without LeBron?
I'm not sure what that entails,but I will say that David Griffin caught a raw deal.
He wasn't perfect,but no general managers are and he hit on more than he missed.
Is this the beginning of the end of the Cavaliers contention or is it simply the beginning of an entirely new run of Cleveland basketball?
We will see.

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