Thursday, June 8, 2017

Late fade leaves Cavaliers down 3-0

The Cleveland Cavaliers were thrown on the shoulders of LeBron James and Kyrie Irving and through the efforts of Cleveland's top stars,the Cavaliers looked to have an excellent chance of making the series with the Golden State Warriors,well an actual series.
That was before either A) fatigue set in,B) the supporting players couldn't step up,C) Both.
In the end,it was the Warriors pulling away with under a minute to play,winning 118-113 and taking a three game lead in the series.
LeBron James scored 39 points with Kyrie Irving adding 38 more in the loss that likely essentially ended the series.
Game four is Friday night in Cleveland...


1) As much as we all (and they) want to believe that fatigue was not a factor late in the game,LeBron James and Kyrie Irving were clearly gassed out.
Their late shots were falling short and who can blame them after playing 46 and 44 minutes respectively.
You can't really ask or expect for any more than those two players gave,but something tells me that the Cavaliers fired their best shot and it wasn't enough.

2) Looking for an underrated reason for the Cavalier loss?
Try the late second quarter rush that saw the Warriors scored ten straight points that was only trimmed by Kyrie Irving's points as the last shot of the quarter.
I know that was the only two minute stretch that LeBron James sat out,but pretty crucial points were lost...

3) J.R.Smith finally woke up with a 16 point game and hitting five three's,but none of the bench players hit double figures and the total bench barely made there with just 11 points.
The supporting players have been such a letdown in this series..

4) Kyle Korver did hit two three pointers,which is why he was brought to Cleveland,but his miss late in the game on a pretty clean look at the basket cleared the way for the late Warrior win.
I know Korver is a one dimensional player,but shooting is that one dimension...

5) Cleveland missed all nine of their shots in the final 3 minutes of the game.

6) Devon Williams has yet to make a basket in this series.
No wonder Kyrie Irving has to play so many minutes,the role players that the Cavaliers added to give them a chance vs the Warriors have yet to make themselves present in the series.

7) Tristan Thompson continues his struggles as he finished the game without a point and just three rebounds in 23 minutes on the floor.
No one expects points from Thompson,but he is even struggling on the boards,which is supposed to be his strength..

8) Kevin Love did finish with just nine points (1-9),but did grab 13 rebounds and six steals,which for a player not noted for his defense is a strong number.
The biggest Love miss was a inside the paint miss that he might have been fouled on,but missed and the Warriors took the ball right down the floor for a Stephen Curry layup.
Huge momentum swing.

9) Finally this-No team has ever come from a 3-0 deficit to win any playoff series in basketball history and against one of the greatest teams to play ever,it's unlikely to this time either.
Cleveland needs to take things bit by bit and see what happens.
There is no margin for error,but that is how the game must be played from here on out.

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