Saturday, July 15, 2017


It's a big number.
What it really means is that I'm one digit and year away from the "big" 5-0.

Does that bother me?
Not really.
Age never has bothered me and I've never been someone that ran away from it.
It's silly and own what you are-besides what could does fighting it do?
I have my things to bother me-weight (But down 40 pounds since Feb!),anxiety and my colorful use of language at times all are issues in my personal well being,but age has never been one of those..
I'm just happy to click up another number and celebrate one more with the people that care and take care of me...
However,if you would like to donate birthday gifts or even cash (HA HA),you can talk to my financial director at BR-549.

So before I move on to the "Road to 50" Tour-Please allow me to thank those of you that mean so much.
I couldn't get anywhere without the lovely Cherie,who has given me the happiness that I have.
The older that I get,the more amazed I am that I stumbled upon her at 15.
Am I that smart? More along the lines of that lucky...
Both of my wonderful children,whom I am extremely proud of and I'm so pleased that they have turned out so well-Ryan and Rachel could not have turned out better in each of their different fields of work and I'm quite fortunate to have them.-Even if Rachel likes her mom better (who can blame her,I would too!)

I have quite a few great friends in my life.
My graphing buddies are much more visible currently as far as who I hang out with due to the various work shifts that we all endure,but you all are important to me.
Starting with my oldest friend Greg (Ernie) Church,who's the one friend that knew me at so many stages of my life and has dealt with me through good and bad times.
Greg and I have never had a harsh word,unless it's over the Pittsburgh Steelers,that is!!
Don't forget the other "IFL" guys in no particular order-Joe Plum,who hit 40 recently and we've been friends for close to 30 years now,Battlin' Bob-still the funniest guy that I know and Corey Cunningham,who it's hard to believe is a former player of mine.

My graphing friends are the guys that I spend more time with now and the graphing hobby has brought so much fun and good people into my life.
If I miss any of you,I apologize-
Derreck Chupak is the younger brother that I've missed since my relationship with Shane changed over the years (it's all fine,Shane and I are OK right now,at least I think so!),Mike Oravec is maybe my only friend my own age,Fred Landucci is always there to chat and help me pass time when I just need to stay awake and how could I forget Doug Hopkins?
Doug might be away in Israel for a while,but he is still here in spirit.
All four of these gentlemen are always available when I need them-rarely does the day go by when I don't hear from any of them and that includes the offseason!
Don't forget my other friends in graphing either-Mike Landucci,who does so much work on my top 100's pro bono for me,Bill Cover,who might be the nicest living human,Kendall Morris,the world's fastest traveler and two of the blog's biggest fans that I met through graphing-Big Don Cain and Jason Christensen.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention my older "sister" Denise Nicarry,who apparently doesn't always understand how my mind strays at times (Denise wrote me this morning about not waving to her at the Muni last night!),she is yet another person in my life that I didn't realize I missed until she arrived in it.
I also cannot leave without mentioning my cousin in Ohio,Missy Appel.
Missy and I have grown so close over the last few years and our relationship's growth is why I don't have the negative things to say about Facebook that so many do.
Facebook has its positives-you simply have to use it properly.

Finally,there are three people that I have never met in person that have become my friends through the miracle that is the internet.
Those of you might remember Julie Kendall from her written pieces here a few years back and a few appearances on the podcast.
Julie is always stressing the positive side of life and our talks just come through for me,when you consider that I'm not always the most positive thinker.
And then there's Ian McArdle,introduced to me through someone else,there is rarely a day that goes by that Ian and I don't send an IM to each other to talk about Cleveland sports and mainly our other common passion in Ohio State football.
Finally,we have Ramon Malpica,who allows me the outlet to talk boxing on air and off with him.
Fightheads is on a hiatus because Ramon is fighting AT&T like I fought Verizon earlier this year,but I'm grateful to finally have a person that loves the fight game as much as I do,

I would almost bet that I missed someone that should be noted,but in the middle of a work run along with it being the middle of the night,I figure it's going to happen.
49 is middle aged and it's a good thing.
As we age,the bodies break down more,but the memories continue to grow-it's a good life.
The road to 50 starts today and it'll be a fun road to travel...

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