Saturday, July 1, 2017

Easter decisions Shafikov

It was a pretty rare main event for Al Haymon's PBC-it was a good action fight,close throughout and a decent crowd (not sure how many were comp tickets though) for Toledo Ohio's Robert Easter and his IBF lightweight title defense against mandatory challenger Denis Shafikov.

And then the decision was announced and it was Hamburglar time.
As you know,when I see a miscarriage of justice on boxing scorecards (not always seeing a different winner in a close fight),I use the Hamburglar for the main picture.
I wasn't upset at Easter winning a unanimous decision (Ramon Malpica and I each earned two boxing challenge points to move to 78-73),it was a close fight that I scored 114-114 and I'd have no problem either way-as long as the scores were close.
They weren't,
One judge scored 116-112 (8 rounds to 4),which was a little long to me,but plausible as there were lots of close rounds.
However,the masked face of the Hamburglar arose with the other two cards-TWELVE to ZERO!!
Two judges scored a fight that I saw at 6-6 with all twelve rounds for the hometown fighter!!!
I felt bad enough for Shafikov in losing his third (and likely last) shot at a world title,but I felt even worse after those cards-those guys had their minds made up before the fight started!

The scorecards ruined a pretty decent fights with good action that swung back and forth,
Shafikov walked forward and threw a lot of punches,but sometimes was wild with his shots,while Easter was on his heels often and had to fight inside more than he would have liked,but was more effective there than I thought he would be.
Easter doesn't have a lot of options in his weight class,as there isn't many top contenders there with PBC,so he's likely to have an optional defense in his next bout,while Shafikov will likely go back to the drawing board and try to find a way to get his fourth shot at a title.

I'll be back with Manny Pacquiao's ESPN debut against Jeff Horn,unless the Cavaliers or Devils are able to make some news on day one of free agency...

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