Sunday, July 2, 2017

Cavaliers Re-Sign Kyle Korver

The Cleveland Cavaliers didn't have a ton of cap space,so keeping players important to them that are already by Lake Erie was of the essence.
The team without a general manager managed to do what they wanted most among their own free agents by re-signing three point bomber Kyle Korver to a three year contract worth 22 million over the term of the agreement.

Korver averaged ten points a game after being acquired from the Atlanta Hawks in mid-season,but did have his share of disappointments in the playoffs,most notably missed shots late in the pivotal game three loss in the finals to Golden State,a loss that the series turned on and sent the Cavaliers down the road to the series defeat.
That's not to say that I see Korver as a disappointment as his league leading total of 45 percent from three point country was lower than his number in Cleveland,where he shot 48 percent from behind the arc.

Korver will provide a strong outside shot that the Cavaliers will need,but I do have concern about a foot injury that saw him miss a month of his time in Cleveland.
Foot injuries don't tend to get better as players age,they often recur and I'm mildly bothered about the potential for more missed time.

There are some questions to be answered by the 36 year old Korver,but looking at the big picture-where are you going to get a similar zone buster with his range for seven million dollars a year?
Answer-Usually,you aren't and with the Cavaliers cap issues,keeping Kyle Korver was almost a mandatory signing.
All things considered,the Cavaliers kept a player that they had to keep-despite some questions.

Back soon with a Devils trade that caught me out of the blue!

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