Monday, July 24, 2017

Cleaning out the inbox

Time for another cleaning of the inbox and lets start with Mike Tyson!
Not only just a dominant heavyweight champion of his time,Tyson might be even more famous to people under a certain age for the Nintendo classic-Mike Tyson's Punch Out.
I played lots of Tyson's Punch Out with Ryan and my buddy Greg during those "Nintendo" years and I never even fought Mike Tyson,which shows you that I may have been an avid player,but not a very good one!
The interesting part from the inbox is from the Comeback,which reports that Nintendo paid Tyson just 50,000 dollars to license his use in the game.
This was a phenomenal bargain even then,but the post manages to make one think about just much that Mike Tyson would have made in today's media market.
Nintendo didn't renew that contract,which I'm sure many might wonder why they didn't,but around the end of the contract,Tyson was stopped by Buster Douglas in Japan,home of Nintendo and wasn't as valuable thereafter or so Nintendo thought....

Last month,the Monday Morning Quarterback page on held a 1967 week where they were looking back at some fun topics from 1967 since this would be an anniversary year.
Two of them that I found interesting were on the expansion New Orleans Saints and on the original enigma Joe Don Looney...

Joe Don Looney was a running back that had the ability (so says most observers) to be one of the best of his era,yet between an unwillingness to bend to coaches,suspected steroid use,drug use,yoga,drafted to Vietnam and even more wound up washing out of the league.
The Looney story really has to be read to be believed.but the life this man led was interesting on its own,but if he truly was that good of a back,seemed like quite the waste of talent...

Meanwhile,in 1967,the expansion New Orleans Saints were beginning their first season in the league under owner John Mecom,who discusses his tenure owning the Saints and includes his on field fight DURING a 1967 game in Yankee Stadium against the Giants!
The article talks about the craziness involving an expansion team in those less than organized days with players in and out the door,training camps,aging veterans (including Hall of Fame defensive end Doug Atkins),rookies like John Gilliam (a future All-Pro) that took the first kickoff in the history of the franchise for a touchdown,fights,fans and more.
I love reading about startup teams and franchises in the days where information was so limited because I usually hear at least one story that I've never heard before...

A article in the LA Times on former punter Zenon Andrusyshen focuses on the punter's missed extra point for UCLA in their one point loss in the 1967 version of the "Game of the century" to USC and a fellow that you likely have forgotten-O.J. Simpson.
Andrusyshen would spend several seasons in the CFL with the Toronto Argonauts before a stint with the Chiefs and my best memory with the USFL's Tampa Bay Bandits for all three years of the league.
I found it really honest as Andrusyshen talks about his arrogance in his youth,how he was treated after the loss,his tirade at the UCLA team banquet after his senior year and his current charitable endeavors...

David Letterman has sent a ton of memorabilia from his career back to his alma mater at Ball State.
The gift includes the marquee from the Ed Sullivan theatre,Letterman's desk and chair from the show,guest chairs and many more.
There must be loads of things sent to the Muncie,Indiana campus that haven't been noted to the public since 2015.
I'm hoping that down the road that many of these items might be on display and maybe make Muncie a stop for tourists other than Gerry Gergich.

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