Monday, July 31, 2017

Stats,Schedules and Stiffs

Starting this at 5 AM.
I'm at work at this time more than I am home and when I roll over,the first thing that I think of is-"time to take Ed out".
It's an instinctual thing that I don't think will be going away for a while....

It's been a busy time for me of late-Working eleven days in a row and sixteen of seventeen will do that to a person when you work the days and times that I do,but the storm is over and now I will work just four days between today and August 25th.
Feels pretty good,although I'm sure my wallet will feel differently in the month of August!

I had a good time at Ryan's 30th birthday party.
It was a surprise party (which I know he hates and I would have never thrown,but he handled it better than I would have) and I wasn't as unhappy as I thought I would be.
That's a pretty good statement for me..

I did get to clean up some fantasy football things as I selected two owners to replace two owners that shockingly left the league on extremely short notice.
One of them is a very good friend of mine and I was not only surprised by this,but I wish I knew what the real reason was.
I don't think it'll change things much as the league goes,life goes on and this seems to have revitalized things a bit with some owners (anger can do that some times),but I'll still miss having my good friend not being involved and I still have a feeling that the real reason for leaving has yet to be disclosed to me.
I'm more excited for the draft than I was before,although I've done next to no prep work yet with six days to go...

During all of the work run (which I scheduled during a dry baseball time),I only had two baseball stops,so I was missing the graphing stops.
The West Virginia Power came into Hagerstown and I was able to get most of their team set signed for myself and two friends that asked to work on their set for a trade.
I was surprised by one player that would only sign one card.
Normally that wouldn't be such a big deal because that does happen,but the surprise this time was that the player in question wouldn't sign three team cards.
Usually when that happens,it is either a big prospect or someone that has mainstream cards (Topps products) and they are just tired of signed 30 of these easily available cards,in this case it was a late round draft pick with no other cards.
Team set cards are almost always obtained (unless you buy from a rare dealer that breaks these sets up) as a team and (again) it's almost always collectors and not sellers that have these cards.
I'm not really mad at this player,I'm more interested in how he thinks and how we are perceived as a hobby....

Still down to the wire on a trip to Lake County for their annual Cleveland Sports Night.
The Captains always drag out the announcement of the guests and I have to take the weekend off,just in case they bring someone that I really want in.
Not a smooth process for sure.We'll see if I go or not,but I'll know for sure soon.

Here is a rough schedule for trips and places in the month of August

Auburn at State College/Hickory at Hagerstown (Fred Landucci/Mike Oravec)

Hickory at Hagerstown (Fred Landucci)
Myrtle Beach at Frederick

South Bend at Lake County (Not finalized)
West Michigan at Lake County

Danville at Bristol (Fred Landucci/Mike Oravec)
Buies Creek at Salem

Winston-Salem at Frederick (Fred Landucci or alone)

Winston-Salem at Frederick (Mike Oravec)

West Virginia at Hagerstown

8/13- trip (Fred Landucci)
Rome at Greenville SC

Kingsport at Greeneville TN

Elizabethton at Johnson City
Danville at Burlington

Toledo at Charlotte

Kannapolis at Hagerstown

8/19 trip (Mike Oravec/Derreck Chupak)
Durham at Scranton
Portland at Binghamton

Williamsport at Batavia
Gwinnett at Buffalo

State College at Auburn
Scranton at Rochester

Wilmington at Frederick
Lakewood at Hagerstown

Akron at Harrisburg

Salem at Frederick
Delmarva at Hagerstown

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