Monday, July 3, 2017

Devils trade for Marcus Johansson!

Early Sunday evening,time was being well spent.
I had finished up graphing with Doug Hopkins in Frederick with the Lynchburg Hillcats,ate at the always terrific Uncle Maddio's pizza and channeled my inner Ken Patera
to push some cars around my driveway to create more space until they run again (Anyone want to come help me with a battery jump and a alternator?) and finally sat down to finish the previous post that I started on the Cavaliers signing Kyle Korver.

First,I checked Twitter for any news and was stunned to find out that Ray Shero and the New Jersey Devils had used their cap space to add a forward that should instantly move into their top six and at the low cost of a second and third rounder in next years draft!
The newest Devil comes courtesy of a cap strapped division member (they are rivals only to us) in the Washington Capitals as Marcus Johansson is on his way to New Jersey!

The 26 year old Johansson reached a career high total in points last season (24 goals 34 assists) and scored 20 and 17 goals in the previous two years,so those numbers are not likely to be a career year as he seems to just be entering his prime years and he'll be spending those in New Jersey as Johansson is under contract for two more seasons and the Devils will get a chance to see if those two seasons are enough to sign him to an even longer deal.
Johansson will likely be the second line left wing,although I think he'll see some time at center as well.

Add it all up and the Devils added a talented playmaker that puts pucks in the net,but can pass well in addition for the cost of Florida's second rounder (added for taking the final year hit on the cap for Marc Savard) and the third rounder of Toronto (compensation for the Leafs hiring Lou Lamoriello).
The Devils basically brought in a top six forward for taking a year of someone else's bad contract,letting a GM go that didn't want to be here anymore and used those assets to "help" Washington get under the cap!
Give it up to Ray Shero for this deal!!

I don't think Ray Shero is finished yet.
The Devils still haven't reached the salary cap floor yet,they are badly in need of a defenseman (maybe two) and right wing is pretty weak behind Kyle Palmieri.
Consider the sudden depth at center and left wing and the Devils may be in position to move someone from a position of strength to acquire a few pieces at a position of need.

Stay tuned,I'm not sure that the Devils are a playoff level team just yet-with a defensive corps like that,I don't see that happening yet,but for the first time in what seems like forever-this New Jersey Devils team suddenly has some exciting,young offensive players and even if they aren't great in the standings yet,they are going to be fun to watch!

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