Sunday, July 9, 2017

Cavaliers sign Jeff Green

The Cleveland Cavaliers know that they need bench help.
The Cavaliers also know that it's going to be less than a breeze doing so and that they better get started.

The work began with the signing of veteran Jeff Green to a one year contract for 2.3 million.
The 6'9 veteran spent last season with Orlando and struggled to the worst season of his career in averaging just nine points a game and shooting less than forty percent from the field.
This is a double digit sword for the Cavaliers and Green-Is Green a player in decline or was he just stuck in a rut playing for a non-contender?
If Green is right,he brings a player that adds some skills off the dribble and a athletic player on both ends of the floor.
If he is nearing the end of the road at soon to be 31,he will at least still be a defender that can guard either small forwards or power forwards off the bench-in theory,his floor should be what Iman Shumpert brings and his ceiling adds even more offense.
Cleveland needs to create salary cap space and Shumpert (and Channing Frye maybe) looks to be the most likely casualty,if the Cavaliers can find someone willing to take one of both.

Green signing for the veteran minimum brought to mind the reported Cleveland interest in Jamal Crawford,but apparently the Cavaliers made a decision for now that Jeff Green and possibly the forward from Turkey Cedi Osman are a better fit for the roster instead of Crawford.
Crawford does bring the three point shooting ability,but Green is younger and more athletic as a defender,while Osman is just about the only young asset that the Cavaliers have to bring in with their dearth of draft picks,although Osman is being mentioned as a potential part of any trade with the Knicks for Carmelo Anthony.
I see their point,but Jamal Crawford (who signed with Minnesota) would have been a huge addition offensively.

I think this is low risk and high reward with the addition of Jeff Green and I think if the Cavaliers can sign Cedi Osman,he'll bring even more defense at the two and the three.
I'm not saying that I'm totally convinced that Jeff Green has not emptied the tank,but I do think that he has some left to give on a championship contender.

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