Sunday, July 2, 2017

Cavaliers sign Jose Calderon

The free agency period started with the Cleveland Cavaliers expected to be passive  in the market as they were thought to be more involved on the trading side in order to create space to eventually make some moves.
Cleveland was rumored today to be involved in serious talks with the Houston Rockets that involved Iman Shumpert,but with no news on that front finalized,the team without a general manager still managed to add a player to the roster and it is a player that I think could have more of an impact than you'd think from a player that averaged less than four points a game last season.
The signing of Jose Calderon for the veteran minimum of 1.5 million seems like a small move and it is,but he just might be the exact type of player that this Cavalier team needs.
Calderon will more than likely slot in as the point guard for the second team unit and this means that as expected,Cleveland will allow Deron Williams to leave via free agency.

Jose Calderon played for two teams last season (Lakers and Hawks) averaging three points and two assists a game over an average of thirteen minutes a game,which is a slip from his numbers from his previous season with the Knicks-until you look at minutes per game and you see that he played almost half as many minutes.
It then becomes apparent,that his statistics were just about the same per minute of play and he really hasn't slipped that much at the age of 35.

What Jose Calderon is as a player and what he brings to Cleveland is this-a pass first point guard to spell Kyrie Irving and do what Irving and the departing Deron Williams don't always do-put the ball in the hands of the scorers and give them their best opportunity.
Calderon isn't going to score a ton,but he never has and his skills should fit a second team offense that should have more than enough scorers/shooters,but need someone to get them the ball and run the offense.

For the price and for the role that he is needed to play-I really like this addition.
I think Jose Calderon (if he doesn't get too old overnight) could be a help and a very underrated addition to the Cavaliers..

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