Monday, July 24, 2017

Cavaliers ink Derrick Rose

The Cleveland Cavaliers attempted to insure themselves against the departure of Kyrie Irving by signing Derrick Rose to the veteran exception and a one year contract.
The 2.1 million deal is a steal for Cleveland with the massive IF Rose is able to stay healthy.
Rose has suffered several knee injuries in Chicago with the Bulls and torn his meniscus with the Knicks after 64 games.
Rose did pass his physical with the Cavaliers,so for now at least looks to be physically fine.

At his peak before the injuries,Rose was arguably the equal of Kyrie Irving as he won the league's MVP in 2010-11 in leading the Bulls to the top seed in the Eastern Conference.
Rose was effective last season in his only season in New York as he averaged eighteen points on forty seven percent shooting before another injury and it didn't seem that the injuries had eroded his abilities.
Derrick Rose turns 29 in October,so there should be plenty left,if the body will allow him to do so.
Rose should slot into the starting lineup,should Kyrie Irving be given his wish and get the trade that he requested,but what if this can be straightened out?
Well,I would imagine you would see a decent amount of Rose quarterbacking the second team,but you could see J.R.Smith being shifted to an off the bench role in crunch time with Rose and Irving comprising a backcourt of "Shooting Point" Guards.
My guess is that the Irving situation might be too far gone to be salvaged,but it is fun food for thought.
My biggest concern is Rose meshing well with James.
LeBron has always been best when he is surrounded by good outside shots and at his best,that really wasn't the game of Derrick Rose.
There is my concern,if Rose is the full time point guard.

This was a signing that had to be made,regardless of the injury issues.
Derrick Rose would have been a luxury, had the Cavaliers kept Kyrie Irving,but the expected departure made him a need.
If Rose can stay healthy and that will be part of the narrative for the rest of Derrick Rose's career,he is more than a replacement for Irving skill wise and has bought into the LeBron James concept for now.
The price is right for the Cavaliers with their cap constraints and for Rose,it's a way to prove some things on a contending team for his next contract.
All things considered,it's a risk,but a low risk for both player and team with an upside that only can be measured next June.

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